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This page-by-page annotation is organized by sections, as delineated by the seven squares (sprockets) which separate each section. The page numbers for this page-by-page annotation are for the original Viking edition (760 pages). Editions by other publishers vary in pagination — the newer Penguin editions are 776 pages; the Bantam edition is 886 pages.

Contributors: Please use a 760-page edition (either the original Viking edition with the orange cover or the Penguin USA edition with the blue cover and rocket diagram — there are plenty on Ebay for around $10) or search the Google edition for the correct page number. Readers: To calculate the Bantam edition use this formula: Bantam page # x 1.165. Before p.50 it's about a page earlier; as you get later in the book, add a page.

Finally, profound thanks to Prof. Don Larsson for providing the foundation for this page-by-page annotation.

Page 139

139.09 Dromond
The word is defined by Webster’s New World English Dictionary as a "large, medieval, swift-sailing water ship."

139.14 the mummy’s curse
An allusion to the supposed fate of the Carter-Carnarvon expedition that opened the tomb of Tut-ankh-Amen.

Page 142

142.32 Reichssieger von Thantatz Alpdrucken
The name of the dog that Pointsman seeks translates loosely as "Realm of Victory over the Nightmare of Death." Dale Jack offers the following explanation and correction:

"Reichssieger could be translated simply as "champion" or "victor"; "Reichs" is the possessive prefix tacked on just about everything during Hitler's rule, and refers specifically the Third Reich. "Thantatz" should be spelled "Thanatz", as it is in GR (taken from the Greek word for death). "Von" in this case means "of" or "from" and implies that he induces, rather than vanquishes fear. "Von" in this context could also be a dig at the aristocracy. Your translation of "alpdrucken" is basically correct; it is actually the impression (drucken) of dread or fear one has during any bad dream, as opposed to an actual nightmare (alptraum). This gives another rough translation: The Reich's Deadly Night-terror Champion. The structure of the name mimics standard pedigree dogs' titles-breeder's kennel, given name, then owner's kennel. For example, Daisy Hill's Fluffy of Shady Lane."

Is this the same Weimaraner whose amber eye is pictured in the jigsaw puzzle fragment on Slothrop's desk? (cf. p.26) Is Slothrop somehow catching echoes ala PSI of Pointsman's dreams?

Beyond the Zero

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Un Perm' au Casino Herman Goering

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In the Zone

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The Counterforce

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