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"usual loud-mouthed American ass-banditry" 22

"Shit, money, and the Word, the three American truths" 28

Slothrop's Sodium Amytal "trip" 60-70

"the westwardman" 67

"effectiveness, an American heresy" [That is to say, a heresy against the feckless pursuits of the folks at the White Visitation, with their "pet schemes and manias damned [...] to differing degrees of failure" (p.77)] 75

"versed in American politics" 77

"intricate needs of the Anglo-American Empire" 129

"Harvard's there for other reasons" 193

"Pretty snazzy [...] An Americanism." 195

"that damned American reflex [...] bad guy in a chase always heads up" 199

"deciduous Americanism" 211

"American West [...] those virgin sunsets to penetrate and to foul" 214

"American voices [...] high pitched and without mercy" 256

"The American vice of modular repetition" 348

"a little American enlightenment" 359

"the sound of an American work detail" 360

"a nation of starers" 374

"the young barbarians coming in to murder the Last European" 440

"American Food and Drug people took the cocaine out of Coca Cola" 452

"Gomera was the last piece of land Columbus touched before America" 453

"it was an American requirement [...] a failure of will" 472

"American Smile" 476

fondly recalled by William Slothrop, 556

"the fork in the road America never took" 556

American industrialists, 558

Bland's "meathooks well into the American day-to-day since 1919" 581

""FDR [...] an American synthesis which had never occurred before" 581

U.S.A. is a gigantic Masonic plot" 587

"the American Founding Fathers were masons" 587

"the one ghost-feather his fingers always brush by is America. Poor asshole, he can't let her go, 623

"voices so hard and tough, so nasally like the voices of an American chorus line" 635

U.S. may have been one of Ben Franklin's "cosmic forms of practical jokesterism" 664

"typical American teenager's own Father" 674

Nalline's letter to Joe Kennedy, 682

"American Mysteries" 683

"Shit 'n' Shinola" episode, 687-88

"As for our cousin John Bull" 697

"The Americans say, 'There are no atheists in foxholes." 704

"America was a gift from the invisible powers, a way of returning" 722

"American Death has now come to occupy Europe" 722

"yellow American deserts, Red Indians, blue sky, green cactus" 724-25

"These early Americans [...] were a fascinating combination of crude poet and psychic cripple" 738

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