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644; The Dacoits were Burmese guerrillas who fled to the hills and jungle after the overthrow of Burma in 1886, and waged a desultory campaign against the British for several years.

Daedalus was the great craftsman of Greek mythology. He built the labyrinth for Minos on Crete and because he may have helped Theseus escape from the maze, he was imprisoned in it with his son Icarus. He fashioned wings out of wax for himself and his son and, as we all know, Icarus flew too close to the sun, his wings melted and he fell to his death. Daedalus escaped to Italy and then Sicily; "the gift of Daedalus that allowed Pökler to put as much labyrinth as required between himself and the inconveniences of caring" 428

Daily Herald
231; British newspaper, published in London from 1912 to 1964; typically associated with worker's issues and the Labour Party

D'Allesandro, Danny
584; a pinball wizard, one of "the great thumbs of Koekuk and Puyallup, Oyster Bay, Inglewood"

dancing-shoe wars

Dante Alighieri (1265-1321)
350; Florentine poet, most famous for Divina Commedia (1307) which is an encyclopedic narrative which tells in poetry Dante's journey through Hell and Purgatory by Virgil and to Paradise guided by Beatrice; "They are without a touch of Dante to Their notions of reprisal"

d'Annunzio, Gabriele (1863-1938)
"Doomed as d'Annunzio's adventure at Fiume" 478; D'Annunzio was an Italian poet, adventurer and political leader; a fierce patriot, he was a strong supporter of the Fascist party under Mussolini; [More about Fiume]

752; "The Lone Ranger will [...] find his young friend, innocent Dan, swinging from a tree limb by a broken neck"

Dan Wall's Chili House
63; where Charlie Parker is playing, in Harlem

19; nurse at St. Veronica's hospital and lover of Slothrop; 114; 271

Darnley, Jill
381; competing for Miss Rheingold 1946

74; Charles Dawes (1865-1951) was the vice-president under Coolidge from 1925-29. He headed the commission that drew up the "Dawes plan" setting out German reparation payments in 1924

577; "when I heard General Eisenhower on the radio announcing the invasion of Normandy";

See also angels; Empty Ones; Kollwitz, Käthe; [Discussion of WHO DIES in GR]; [Carl Jung]

448; "heading up the Rocket Committee by then"

Degrelle, Léon (1906-94)
Founder and leader of the Rexist Party of Belgium, who collaborated with the Germans during World War II. After Belgium was liberated in September 1944, Degrelle was sentenced in absentia to death as a collaborator. He fled to Spain and became a citizen; Louis Borgesius heard him tell the crowd "that they must let themselves be swept away by the flood, they must act, act, and let the rest take care of itself" 544

de la Nuit, Rev. Dr. Paul
56; French: de la nuit = "of the night"; house chaplain at White Visitation; 81; 143; "staff automatist" 146; 149

de la Perlimpinpin, Georges ("Poudre")
243; "the Limoges fireworks magnate" and father (?) of Raoul; poudre is French for 'powder', but poudre de la perlimpinpin is slang for 'patent medicine' or 'snake oil'

de la Perlimpinpin, Raoul
243; throws big party where hollandaise is spiked with hashish & Italo & Tamara have it out with tanks; 463


647; a quality increment


An increment of time represented spacially, as on a graph; "Interest from various numbered trusts was still turned [...] in long rallentando, in infinite series just perceptibly, term by term, bying ... never quite to the zero" 28; "the explosion over his head always just about to come" 58; "60 miles up the rockets hanging the measureless instant over the black North Sea" 135; "Our history is an aggregate of last moments" 149; Leni applying it to being in the moment, 159; "The moving vehicle is frozen, in space, to become architecture, and timeless. It was never launched. It will never fall." 301; "a point in space, a point hung precise as the point where burning must end, never launched, never to fall" 302; "corroded Hansel in perpetual arrest" 398; "half-timbered houses, stepped out story by story, about to meet overhead after centuries of imperceptible toppling" 493; "words. . .only delta-t from the things they stand for" 510 (and 100); "nearly about to burn through the last whispering veil" 518; "stairsteps of range and height, delta-x and delta-y, allowing them to grow smaller and smaller, approaching zero [...] frame by frame, delta-x by delta-y, flightless themselves" 567; "the delta-x's and delta-y's of his drifter's spirit" 572; delta-q, 647; rate of change at a cusp, 664; "the delta-t itself" 754; "last thin pages of fluttering closed" 759; "the last delta-t" 760

de Mallakastra, Baron
463; passenger on the Anubis

de Mérode, Cléo
232; early 20th century dancer; was the mistress of Leopold II of Belgium

403; German novelist Hermann Hesse (1877-1962), experiencing a crisis of the spirit, had psychoanalysis with J.B. Lang, a disciple of Carl Gustav Jung. His novel Demian (1919), which shows the influence of analysis, is about the character Demian (a classic "seeker") and his quest for self-awareness. Published during the troubled Weimar years, the novel was very popular and had a pervasive influence on the Germans. It also made Hesse famous.

Denham, Carl
689; director of "King Kong"

398; "or did you kneel up in the seat, looking over the water, trying to see Denmark?"; "...your new home!' Gray and green, through the mist..." 421; "hooded face of sorrowing Denmark, leaning out over Germany" 484; "off the coast of Denmark" (Frau Gnahb insulting a stone), 497; "If it's Copenhagen she's bound for" 527; "a ghostly crowd of late dandelions waiting for the luminous wind that will break them toward the sea, over to Denmark" 560; "and get over to that Denmark" 623; "crumbs of a pineapple Danish, whorls of an Aetheric Danish" 696; [Thanks to Douglas Kløvedal Lannark for this Denmark listing]

De Profundus, Nick
295; "company lounge lizard" and entrepreneur at Mittelwerk during US occupation

Der Platz
686; German: "the place"; Säure's communal pad; 711; 745; 746

Der Springer
See Springer, Der

313; Nickname for the American Army vehicle vehicle M35A2; ten driven wheels and a camouflage paint scheme. It has 3 axels, as well as a large cargo bed with a 5-ton load carrying capacity.

"Satanic intervention" 110; "midnights of wrestling with the Beast" 111; "Satanic operators of all descriptions" in Psi Section, 125; "old ldies in Altrincham trying to summon up the Devil" 153; "the black scapeape we cast down like Lucifer" 275; "For the devil's kiss" 329; "the Devil behind the [mirror]" 444; "A fall of hours, less extravagant than Lucifer's" 464;

Dewey, Thomas (1902-71)
636; was the Republican nomineee for President of the U.S. in 1944 and 1948

Diamond Lil
657; Diamond Lil (Honora Ornstein) was a New York City Bowery saloon owner and madame in the 1890s. Mae West played her in the 1933 film, She Done Him Wrong (with her line "Come up sometime 'n' see me").

Dickinson, Emily (1830-86)
28; American poet, personal a-and spiritual

Dieckmann, Dr.
630; ran Vermittlungsstelle W with Dr. Gorr

Die Frau im Mond
159; German: 'woman in the moon'; A science fiction silent film that premiered October 15, 1929. It is often considered to be one of the first "serious" science fiction films.It was written and directed by Fritz Lang, based on the novel Die Frau im Mond (1928, translated as The Rocket to the Moon during 1930) by his then-wife and collaborator Thea von Harbou. It was released in the USA as By Rocket to the Moon, and in the UK as Woman in the Moon.

Die Welt am Montag
571; German: "The World on Monday"; a newspaper

Dillinger, John (1903-34)
368-69; American gangster specializing in bank robberies; "As B/4" 436; killed at Biograph Theatre in Chicago, 516; bloody shirt, 741

Dillon, Reed
565; Thomas Moore: "During the 1930s, Dillon, Reed & Company of Wall Street handled American transactions for the German steel trust Vereinigte Stahlwerke (p.143)

Disgusting English Candy Drill

Disney, Walter Elias "Walt" (1901–1966)
135; An American film producer, director, screenwriter, voice actor, animator, entrepreneur, entertainer. He cofounded Walt Disney Productions, which became famous for its innovative animation, iconic characters and theme parks. He was also a leading force behind the anti-comunist movement in Hollywood in the 1940s; 'Disneyfied look', 70

732; member of Schwarzkommando, with Enzian

Dodgem cars

Dodson-Truck, Frank
215; son of Sir Stephen's and Nora's of whom they've lost track after he was sent to Indo-China

Dodson-Truck, Nora

145-50; scorpio wife of Sir Stephen D-T, lover of Carroll Eventyr and "connoisseuse of splendid weaknesses"; "erotic nihilist" 149; Ideology of the Zero, 218; maps on to Leni?, 218; "her real identity is [...] the Force of Gravity" 639

Dodson-Truck, Sir Stephen
206; tutored Slothrop on rocket stuff and technical German at Casino; husband of Nora D-T; disappears from Casino after Slothrop gets him drunk playing "Prince" and he confesses, 211; at Fitzmaurice House, 228; "Nature of Freedom" drill, 541; 544; at Pirate's, 639 Dog Vanya 78; dog in ARF wing undergoing conditioning experiments; Is Stephen Dodson-Truck based on James Joyce? Read Erik Ketzan's paper suggesting this

Domina Nocturna
232; Katje's S&M character ("shining mother and last love") who satisfies Pudding so that Pointsman can keep funding

See also Gnahb, Frau; LSD; Sodium Amytal; Stonybloke, Will

289; prison camp next to Mittelwerke, mostly foreign prisoners; "When the Americans liberated Dora" 296; "they call them re-education camps" 408; Ilse and Leni, 428; 430; Pökler goes into, 432-33; 175s (homosexual inmates), 665; See also 175-Stadt

Double Agent Convention
537-548; "'But that's the only medium we've got now' he cries, 'our gift for bad faith'" 546;

281; DPs (displaced persons) were those who were released from German prison camps and slave labor camps after VE Day, as well as German civilians who had been bombed out of their dwellings or who were fleeing advancing armies; Displaced Person's song" 283-84; "Since the surrender there have been these constant skirmishes between the German civilians and foreign prisoners freed from the camps." 327; returning home, 549;

13; more commonly known as Guinea worm disease (GWD). A preventable infection caused by the parasite Dracunculus medinensis. Infection affects poor communities in remote parts of Africa that do not have safe water to drink [From the Center for Disease Control website].
From the OED: 1942 D. L. Belding Clin. Parasitol. xxii. 375 Dracunculus medinensis+. Disease.—Dracontiasis, dracunculosis, dracunculiasis. 1967 Amer. Jrnl. Trop. Med. & Hygiene XVI. 23/1 Dracunculiasis occurs commonly in and around Kurnool. 1973 T. Pynchon Gravity's Rainbow (1975) i. 13 "Dracunculiasis and Oriental sore rampant among the troops, no beer for a month." 1990 Lancet 8 Sept. 630/1 Several studies have reported on the prevalence of permanent disability resulting from poliomyelitis but dracunculiasis (guineaworm disease), another preventable cause of permanent disease, has not received the same attention.

Dragon Lady
670; refers to an Asian woman who is perceived as seductive, desirable but untrustworthy. Movies from the early 20th century portrayed this stereotypical version of the Asian woman, "Daughter of Fu Manchu" being a good example. Scheming, treacherous and dangerous, the Dragon Lady is the female version of the Asian bad guy, only with a slightly different approach to defeat her enemies. She has the power to hypnotize her male rivals, gaining their trust by seducing them and, when they least expect it, gets rid of them through sabotage or backstabbing.

Pirate's, 3-4; "rosy as a bunch of Dutch peasants dreaming of their certain resurrection" 5; "Pirate had dreamed these very words" 13; "blinking through an overlay of dream" 29; Pointsman's, 36-38; "Silence comes in, sculptured by spoken dreams" 49; Jessica's, 53; of peacetime, 58; Sodium Amytal-induced toilet adventure, 60-71; "the little baby they dream now of sitting near" 111; Mrs. Quoad's, 119; "after a dream" 121; the Empire's "dreamless version of the real" 129; "the children are away dreaming, but the Empire has no place for dreams" 135; Pointsman's, 137-38; Pointsman's of the Minotaur, 142; Nora DodsonTruck's dreams of flight, 146; Treacle's dreams of flight, 146; Leni's,155-56, 156-58; Leni's dream of flight, 159; "you go from dream to dream inside me" 177; Stalin's pathological, 189; "that touch on the sleeves of his dreams" 209; Pudding's, 232; Slothrop dreaming in German, 240; Slothrop's dream of old pals while in Nice, 255; "[Slothrop] dozes in and out of a hallucination of Alps, fogs, abysses" 257; Slothrop dreaming of Jamf, 268; "a dream of Atlantis, of the Suggenthal" 269; Pointsman's nightmare, 272; "your biography now like any old bad dream" 277; Slothrop's dream (?), 281-83; Slothrop's "Jamf/I" dream, 286-87, 623; Enzian's "wet dream where he coupled with a slender white rocket" 297; Enzian's of an "endless North" 327; "dreaming of food, oblivion, alternate histories. . ." 336; Galina's, 341; "German dreams of the Tenth-Elegy angel" 341; Chu Piang's, 347; 355; Evil Hour, 375; "your dream of pampas and sky" 388; Slothrop's of Berkshire, 392; Alpdrucken ("Nightmare"), 394; Pökler's of rocket, 399-400; Kekulé's dream of 1865, 410; Jung's "ancestral pool" 410; "Pökler dreaming about Kekulé's dream" 412-13; "unrecoverable dreams" 415; Pökler's of bulb as Weissmann, 426-27 (see page 653); "City of Elves producing toy moon-rockets" 431; "Säure's on the move. . .prowling his dreams" 437; Slothrop's transmutation dream, 446-47; "ships we can dream across terrible rapids" 462; Slothrop dreaming of Llandudno, 468; Bianca "dreams often of the same journey" 471; oneiric (dreamlike), 475; "Where was anybody that summer before the War? Dreaming." 475; of battles survived, 490; Slothrop's of Bianca, 492; "Givin' all m'dreams away" 522; Slothrop's of Tantivy, 551-52; "Slothrop dreams" 552; "your saddest dreams" 577; "bursts of destroying beauty there for his dreams to work on" 578; "the dramatic connections that were really all there, in his dreams" 579; Slothrop's of Zwölfkinder and Bianca, 609; "Solange" dreaming of Ilse, 610; Slothrop's of Bette Davis and Margaret Dumont, 619; Pirate's of windmills, 620; "dreaming at the last instant of who can say what lifted smock" 625; Mexico's of Jessica (in the song), 627; "what ladies in black appeared in his dreams" 629; "It wasn't a dream. Don't you wish it could be." 668; Christian's of Maria, 673; "of assassinations, of plots against good and decent men" 689; Dark Dream, 697; keying waves, 699; Beaver's, 708; Gottfried's single dream, 721; "I dream of discovering the edge of the World" 722; "of rendezvous, of cosmic trapeze acts" 723; the Rocket "must answer to a number of different shapes in the dreams of those who touch it" 727; "dream-caressed" 730; "Strung Into the Apollonian Dream" 754; Gottfried, 754; "human figure, dreaming of an early evening in each great capital" 760; See also Jung, Carl

Dreyfus Affair
390; Captain Alfred Dreyfus (1859-1935) was a French army officer who, in 1893-94, was unjustly accused of delivering to a foreign government documents connected with the national defence, court-martialed and sentenced to life on Devil's Island. In 1906, when anti-semitism had died down in France, the verdict was reversed and he was restored to army rank and fought in WWI.

518; engineer at Peenemünde

487; German: "drone"; "plastics connoisseur" at The Castle

139; one of the seven original owners of The Book; killed "by German artillery on Shellfire Corner"; 140; 167

Dufay, Kim
744; daughter of Pete and Marjorie and schoolmate of Hogan Jr.; [From Pynchon's short story "The Secret Integration" in Slow Learner: "a slender, exotic-looking sixth-grader with a blond pigtail [...] who had a thing about explosive chemical reactions" (p.150)]

Dufay, Pete
744; marries Marjorie

Dulles, Allen (1893-1969)
268; During WWII, Dulles served with O.S.S. and, when Truman formed the CIA in 1951, he was appointed deputy director and, in 1953, director; "and his 'intelligence' network"

one of Osbie Feel's favorite movies, 106; "the lads in Hollywood telling us how grand it all is over here, how much fun, Walt Disney causing Dumbo the elephant to clutch to that feather" 135; "'[Dillinger's bloodstained shirt] worked for me, but I'm out of the Dumbo stage now, I can fly without it." 741

Duncan, Isadora (1877-1927)
657; American dancer who was among the first to raise interpretive dance to the status of creative art, incorporating classical, particularly Greek, mythology, art and music. Not very successful in the United States, she took her new style of performance to Europe where it was greeted enthusiastically. She was strangled when her long scarf became entangled in the wheels of a car.

340; Central Asian people

Dunham, Crazy Sue
329; Amy Sprue was ahead of her by 200 years, "sacrificing chickens up on Snodd's Mountain"

Dunkirk, Maggie
127; lives in Jessica's dorm

du Pont
249; early research on Imipolex G done there

108; ic heb u liever dan ên everswîn, al waert van finen goude ghewracht (English: I love you more than a wild boar / even if it were made of fine gold)

D Wing
139; still houses a few genuine mental patients; White Visitation's cover; most PISCES people avoid it

"Mauve [...] William Perkin discovered it [...] the first new color on Earth" 166; "Tyrian purple, alizarin and indigo, other coal-tar dyes" 166;

390; "teenage Kazazh dope fiend with pimples and a permanently surly look" who is Tchitcherine's sidekick/driver; 564; posing as Frank Sinatra in the Zone, 700; "that sodden Asiatic" 705; with Slothrop, 742; Village Idiot Convention, 743

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