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8: boutonnière: button-hole

10: C'est magnifique, mais ce n'est pas la guerre: "It is magnificent, but it's not war"

11: bananes glacées: "iced bananas"

16: démarche: a diplomatic course of action

36: engage: being actively involved or committed

69: terre mauvais: "badlands"

87, 144: sentiments d'emprise: feelings of being controlled

94: soignée: well groomed

107: façonne: molded

124: je ne sais quoi de sinistre: a bit of the "sinister I don't know what"

131: peau de soie: skin of silk

132: coié: silent

183: J'ai deux amis, aussi [...] Par un bizarre coincidence: I have two friends, too [...] by a strange coincidence

183: déjeuner: lunch

183: sur la plage: on the beach

194: chemin-de-fer: railroad (a card game)

212: degorgement: disgorgement: in some methods of making of sparkling wines, a sediment plug develops in the neck of the bottle, which is frozen and tapped out at the end of the fermentation process. After the plug is tapped out, the liqueur and sweeteners are added, and the wine is corked.

244: porte-cochere: carriage entrance

248: coup de foudre: flash of lightning

254: femme de chambre: chambermaid

272: l'état c'est moi: I am the state

346: on s'engage, et puis, on voit: one engages, and then, one sees

385: nom de pègre: underworld name

390: savoir-vivre: good manners

639: soixante-neuf: sixty-nine

667: les jeux sont faits: lit., the games are happening, fig., the bets are down

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