Ideas of the Opposite

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"this transmarginal leap, this surrender. Where ideas of the opposite have come together, and lost their oppositeness" 50

"a hardon, that's either there, or it isn't. Binary, elegant." 84

Pavlov's, 87

yin yang, 88, 278

"The act of injuring and the act of being injured are joined in the behavior of the whole injury" 88

"every true god must be both organizer and destroyer" 99

"all sets of opposites brought together" 100

"silent doubleganger Katje (who was her opposite number in Südwest? [...])" 102

"anti-Rilke" 102

"the silent egg and the crazy Dutchman, and the hookgun that linked them forever" 109

"symmetrical opposites" 144

"a mechanism must imply its mirror image" 144

"he can change his color from most ghastly albino up through a smooth spectrum to very deep, purplish, black." 147

"those who've passed over to the other side. [...] all together we form a single subculture, a psychical community" 153

"a collaboration here, between both sides of the Wall, matter and spirit" 165

"'Consider coal and steel.'" 166

"protagonist and antagonist in one" 278

open spaces v. city, 341

"explorer and edge of the wave-green world" 343

"a purple target, with the outer ring worth the most, and the bull's-eye worth nothing. An anti-target." 376

"the old basic polarity in Argentina: Buenos Aires vs. the provinces [...] central government vs. gaucho anarchism" 386

fuel & oxidizer and aggressor & victim as paired opposites, 403

"if [Slothrop's] been seeker and sought, well, he's also baited, and bait" 490

"we define each other. Elidte and preterite, we move through a cosmic design of darkness and light" 495

counterforce in Zone, 536, 611

"The successful longer was only the other part of it: the last piece to the jigsaw puzzle, whose shape had already been created by the Preterite, like that last blank space on the table" 554

"holiness for these 'second sheep,' without whom there'd be no elect. [...] Everything in the Creation has its equal and opposite counterpart" 555

"Each opposite pair of vanes worked together, and moved in opposite senses. Opposites together." 563

Black Market/White Market, 569-70

"A lion [...] he is either tamed [...] or he stays wild, an eternal predator. [...] The lion does not know subtleties and half-solutions" 577

"Just as there are, in the World, machineries committed to injustic as an enterprise, so too there seem to be provisions active for balancing things out once in a while" 580

"'why keep saying "mind and body"? Why make that distinction?'" 610

"each cross a unique mandala, bringing opposites together in the spin" 621

Happyville vs. Pain-City, 644

"Empty or Green, cunt-crazy or politically celibate, power-playing or neutral" 673

"Empty, Neutral and Green all together now [...] some talking for the first time since the dividing along lines of racial life and racial death began [...] reconciled for now in the only Event that could have brought them together" 673

"Bodine's "counter-cadenza" 685

"the dialectical ballet of force, counterforce, collision, and new order" 704

"double minded in the massive presence of money" 712

"hearing the pauses instead of the notes" 713

"He is now always the same [...] there are no more differences between the worlds" 721

"Manichaeans who see two Rockets, good and evil, who speak together in the sacred idiolalia of the Primal Twins" 727

Sephiroth/Qlippoth, 748

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