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Jablochkov candles
351; Pavel Nikolayevich Jablochkov (1847-1894) was a Russian electrical engineer and inventor who developed the Jablochkov candle, the first arc lamp put to wide practical use and which greatly accelerated the development of electric lighting.

486; "Jabo" is derived from the German "Jäger-Bomber," or "fighter-bomber" (literally, "hunter-bomber").

Jacobistrasse 12
436; where Säure Bummer can be found, according to message he leaves Slothrop in white plastic chess knight; 443;

JAMF, Laszlo

Janet, Pierre (1859-1947)
Janet, a psychologist and neurologist, was influential in bringing about in France and the United States a connection between academic psychology and the clinical treatment of mental illnesses. He stressed psychological factors in hypnosis and contributed to the modern concept of mental and emotional disorders involving anxiety, phobias, and other abnormal behaviour. As a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Paris, Janet studied automatic acts and in his thesis (1889) introduced but did not amplify the concept of the unconscious, a situation that engendered a dispute with Sigmund Freud over priority; correspondence with Pavlov, 49, 87-88; Spectro as Pointsman's Janet, 142

703; calls Oneirine hauntings "'the dullest hallucinations known to psychopharmacology'"

Jehovah's Witnesses
681; German headquarters located in Magdeburg

Jello, James
698; friend of Pirate's; "that year's King of Bohemian clowns"

23; one of Slothrop's "girls"; 255; 271 See also Slothrop's girls/stars

200; one of two ladies with the General playing croquet as Slothrop falls from the tree, draped in a purple sheet

416; Jiu-Jitsu, literally meaning the "art of softness", or "way of yielding", is a collective name for Japanese martial art styles including unarmed and armed techniques.

Joachim, Joseph (1831-1907)
Hungarian composer and violin prodigy who founded the Joachim Quartet which was renowned for its performances of Bach, Mozart and Beethoven; "some hypothetical Joachim playing his own cadenza from the long-suppressed Rossini violin concerto" 684

Jo block
621; From Webster's New International Dictionary, 2d Ed., 1950:

"Johannson gauge blocks: A set of a limited number of flat parallel gauge blocks ... of such accuracy and such thickness that when wrung together with the hand (the surfaces being first well cleansed) they have an adhesive power equal to many times that of the atmosphere and may be used as a standard for making measurements with an error of less than 1/100,000 of an inch." Thus, the Jo Block represents Ultimate Smoothness and Precision.

408; one of Ilse's playmates at Dora

Johnson Smith
210; A mail-order company officially established in 1914 that sells novelty and gag gift items such as x-ray goggles, whoopee cushions, fake vomit, and joy buzzers. They often advertised in comic books.

Joint, Dennis
272; representative from Shell Mex House at PISCES; 275; 277; "like a blond crewcut Grouch Marx 278

"What did the Cockney exclaim to the cowboy from San Antonio?" 168; "Erdschweinhöhle. This is a Herero joke" 315; "All you feel like listening to Beethoven is going out and invading Poland" 440; "[The robot] will prove to be addicted to one-liners that never quite come off for anyone but it." 645

Jollifox of the Cambridge School
702; recurring themes in Oneirine hallucinations, due to the Pökler singularity, were named "mantic archetypes" by Jollifox

Jolly Jack Tar
380; Slang: a sailor

Josef Israelplein

Joyce, James (1882-1941)
Irish novelist noted for pushing the envelope in language and exploring new literary methods in such large, encyclopedic works as 'Ulysses (1922) and Finnegans Wake (1939); former patron of the Odeon, 262; Is Stephen Dodson-Truck based on James Joyce? Read Erik Ketzan's paper suggesting this

"Jews also carry an element of guilt, of future blackmail, which operates, natch, in favor of the professionals." 105; "the Jewess reverting [...] to the bodily ... so sensual [...] the Judenschnautze feinting, [...] To do it not just with another woman, but with a Jewess....Their animal darkness" 156; Jewish wolf Pflaumbaum" 159; "stars of David" 160; "Knallt ab den Juden Rathenau,/Die gottverdammte Judensau" 163; "'We even have the Jew's blessing!'" 165; "The Welsh [...] once upon a time were Jewish too? one of the Lost Tribes of Israel" [...] What if we're all Jews, [...] scattered like seeds? 170; "the blacks and Jews, in their darkness" 172; "her face darkened, Judaized by the words she speaks" 219-20; Zionists, 390; "[Margherita] had got the idea somewhere that she was part Jewish" 474; "this holy Text had to be the Rocket [...] our Torah" 520; "mezuzah. Safe passage through a bad night" 563; "one-thim Brain Trusters. Jews, most of'm" 565; Hasidic communes, 613-14; See also God; Judeo-Christian

[[Judeo-Christian References|JUDEO-CHRISTIAN]
See also Compline; God; Judaism/Jews; religion

Jugendstil cups
Jugendstil (German: "Youth Style") arose in Germany in the mid-1890s and continuing through the first decade of the 20th century. Deriving its name from the Munich magazine Die Jugend ("Youth"), which featured Art Nouveau designs, the early period (before 1900) was mainly floral in character, rooted in English Art Nouveau and Japanese applied arts and prints; "tulip-shaped Jugendstil cups" 550

Juicy Jap
558; "the doll that you fill with ketchup then bayonet through any of several access slots"

Jung, Carl (d. 1961)
276; Swiss psychologist; "ancestral pool," 410; The Life/Death Parabola

9; German: "young girl" usu. "Virgin Mary"; high mountain in the Swiss Alps overlooking the ski resort of Wengen; 106

714; participates in "roasting" of Mexico

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