Croix mystique, 16, 484

"operational paranoia" 25

"classic paranoiac" 32

"great swamp of paranoia" 33

Slothrop reading Villard's shit, 65

Earth's prime meridian, 72

Slothrop's stars and rocket hits coincide (4.5-day mean lag time), 85-86

"witch-paranoia" 95

"always someone behind him being careful" 114

"And who's that, through the crack in the orange shade, breathing carefully? Watching?" 120 (See also page 216: "[Sir Dodson-Truck's] 'function' is to observe [Slothrop]")

folk-consciousness, 130-31, "the day of the Normandy invasion [...] his temperature shot up to 104" 131

City Paranoiac, 171-72

"seeking other orders behind the visible" - Puritan reflex, 187

"a peculiar structure that no one admitted to" 193

"'Harvard's there for other reasons. The "educating" part of it is just sort of a front'" 193

raindrops as "giant asterisks" 204

"all in his life of what has looked free or random, is discovered to have been under some Control" 209

"Here it is again, that identical-looking Other World" 225

Proverbs for Paranoids, 237, 241, 251, 262, 292

Paranoid Systems of History, 238

monster in the sky, 241

Slothrop hears quotation marks, 241

night voices in Hotel Nimbus in Zürich, 255-56

"playing the patterns" 257

"ornamentally splendid splashes of paranoia" 276

Slothrop's suspicions of Maj. Marvy, 332

new higher-dimensional maps of the world, 321

"there is a pattern [...] the act of naming obeys the pattern" 322

"More Western paranoia" 340

England/China/ India, 346

I Ching, 378

crossing solipsisms, 395

"They're all in on it together" 400

"If there is something comforting—-religious, if you want—-about paranoia, there is still also anti-paranoia, where nothing is connected to anything, a condition not many of us can bear for long." 434

"the Listening Enemy [...] between him and the wet sky" 434

"Either They have put him here for a reason, or he's just here." 434

Säure's "ability to prophesy through contemplating the way people roll reefers" 442

Devil behind the mirror, 444

"Die Slothrop" 446

"each plot carries its signature" 464

Thanatz reads whipscars like Gypsy reads palms, 484

"'Paranoia,' Springer snaps reproachfully [...]. You wouldn't understand that.'" 500

"everything was so clear then, paranoia was all for the enemy, and never for one's own" 518

"Ölfabriken Werke AG is not really a ruin at all" 520

"what incalculable plot" 521

"on into some other paranoid terror" 522

"Do you have to see conspiracies in everything?" 528

critical mass of means of control being connected, 539

"Rocket-cartel" 566

"Radio-Control-Implanted-In-The-Head-At-Birth" 542

perfecting "methods of immobility" 572

the fate of "truthseekers" 582

"simulated randomness" 586

Masonic plots, 587

"Kute Korrespondences" 590

"Everything is some kind of plot, man." (Bodine), 603

"[Slothrop] watches flights of birds and patterns in the ashes of his fire, he reads the guts of trout he's caught and cleaned, scraps of lost paper, graffiti on the broken walls where facing has been shot away to reveal the brick underneath--broken in specific shapes that may also be read" 623

Slothrop "reading soup recipes and finding in every bone and cabbage leaf paraphrases of himself. [...] picking up rusted beer cans, rubbers yellow with preterite seed, Kleenex wadded to brain shapes hiding preterite snot, preterite tears, newspapers, broken glass, pieces of automobile, days when in superstition and fright he could make it all fit, seeing cleasrly in each an entry in a record" 625-26

"novice paranoid" 638

"creative paranoia" 638

Pensiero reading shivers, 641

Katje as "the allegorical figure of paranoia" 657

paranoia song, 657

"plexiglass maps of the webs we maintain across the Zone" 660

"Father-conspiracy" 679

"Paranoid for the Day" 691

Dark Dream, 697

"Everything is connected" 703

the man and the white albatross, 712-13

"their pet, or death" (Byron's dilemma), 713

"a route only apparently in ruins, carefully crafted by the War" 728

S&M, 737

I Ching, 746

Gravity's Rainbow Alpha Guide
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