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The characters (Spoerri [no umlaut, i.e.,the non-German spelling], Hawasch and Wenk) are from Fritz Lang's 1922 film "Mabuse, der Spieler." Spoerri and Hawasch are two of Mabuse's henchmen. Spoerri is the weak, coke-sniffing valet who assists Mabuse in his disguises. Hawasch is the snaggle-toothed rotund forger who works under the city. Dr Mabuse is, of course, the master-criminal who seeks to control the populace through mind-control, fear, and market manipulation. State-Attorney Wenk is his dogged pursuer.

In "Dr Mabuse, der Spieler," Spoerri is a weak, coke-sniffing valet who assists Mabuse in his disguises. Also, possibly Spoerri is name-connected to Swiss artist Daniel Spoerri who was part of the "Nouveau Realisme" movement in France in the early 1960s and associated with the English avante-garde group Fluxus, also in the 1960s. His book An Anecdoted Topography of Chance (with Robert Filliou) was published in France in 1966 and more recently has been translated into English.

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