The appearance of mirrors in Gravity's Rainbow

9: "concave shaving mirrors"

18: "a Nugget shoe polish can in which Slothrop now and then studies his blurry brass reflection"

34: "that stateless lascar across his own mirror-glass"

38: Roger & Jessica: "times when face-to-face there has been no way to tell which of them is which. [...] like looking in a mirror by surprise"

62: "the deep, the oceanic mirror that swallows most of the room into metal shadows...the hundred bottles hold their light only briefly before it flows away into the mirror"

69: "Whappo tops off with a high shiny opera hat of Japanese silk. [...] His top hat reflects the coming holocaust."

92: "the overcast reflecting from the glazed beach nearly white"

94: "She has posed before the mirrors too often today"

94:"At the images she sees in the mirror Katje also feels a cameraman's pleasure"

95: "[Blicero's] face [...] is so close to what she's been seeing all her life in mirrors"

101: "'Liebchen, this is the other half of the earth. In Germany you would be yellow and blue.' Mirror-metaphysics."

103: "his face reflected in the act of kissing the Captain's boots"

112: "nearer windows, struck a moment by the sun, not reflecting at all but containing the same destroying light"

114: "A hint of constancy to what shows up in the rearview mirror of his Humber [...] something always present inside the tiny frame, has led him to start checking out other cars"

122: "flirting away through the mirrorframe"

123: "Roger in the rearview mirror sees English cop-faces"

124: "wanting very much to look back over his shoulder, even into the, the old mirror, you know, see what they're up to"

124: "soap spots on the mirrors to an interfeathering of clouds"

125: "humming tunelessly at the mirror"

130: "bleak song that left white spots across the quicksilver mirrors from Harrow to Gravesen"

131: "Glimpsing in the gowns your own reflection"

140: "Pointsman stands by a window, his own vaguely reflected face blown through with the driven snow"

142: "top of his skull brightly reflecting the winter clouds"

144: "He's been led before, you know, down the garden path by symmetry: in certain test results...in assuming that a mechanism must imply its mirror image [...] Pavlov showed how mirror-images Inside could be confused."

147: "[Trefoil] helped save literally hours of make-up and lighting work, acting as a variable reflector"

148: "Gilt and mirroring"

152: "my own face white in mirror"

164: "A distorting and forever clouded mirror, the smiles of clients"

177: "his lithe Parisian daughter of joy, beneath the eternal mirror"

195: "moonlight reflected from the mirror"

196: "there's only the red animal reflection when the light comes to strike"

206: "At certain hours the harbor blue will be reflected up on the whitewashed sea façade, and the tall windows will be shuttered again. Wave images will flicker there in a luminous net."

217: "as certain mirrors in public eating-places have been by the images of customers: a surface gathering character"

222: "goes to the mirror, starts rearranging her hair"

233: "The Brigadier's lady has spent an hour at her vanity mirror"

269: "The lake is mirror smooth but mountains and houses reflected down there remain strangely blurred, with edges fine and combed as rain"

289: "sheets of water reflecting the sky"

291: "The sun jumps across their section of sky, [...] is reflected out of her child's eyes"

295: "Mud across the cobblestones is so slick it reflects light"

303: "Tough skins of oxides, some only a molecule thick, shroud the metal surfaces, fade out human reflection."

304: "the steel lamps give no light out of their scorched skullcap reflectors"

313: "he's jittery, eye in the mirror and out the back of his head aswarm with souped-up personnel carriers"

319: "looking up at a mirror-image of Enzian that only he can see"

360: "Nalline, the reflection from her Gold Star brightening her chins like a buttercup"

366: "The girls are moving the coal of the reefer about, watching its reflection in the shiny helmet changing shapes, depths, grades of color"

390: "The minute he put on the head, in front of the mirror by the ikon, he knew himself. He was the wolf."

394: "the gold, the mirrors, the miles of Baroque ornament drove von Göll himself a little daft"

401: "random mirrors and display windows"

404: "watching in one of the mirrors the image of a rocket engine"

409: "Blue Peenemünde shivered around them in all directions, a dream of concrete and steel masses reflecting the noon heat"

425: "He's spent enough of his life looking into mirrors."

433: "mirror-rotation of sorrow"

433: "in a corner hangs a tarnished mirror, birds and flowers painted in white all around its frame"

437: "glasses stacked shining in front of bar mirrors"

444: "'My face in the mirror--when I was a child, they said not to look in the mirror too often or I'd see the Devil behind the glass...and...' glancing back at the white flowered mirror behind them, 'we have to cover it, please, can't we cover it'"

450: "the rows of mirrors directly facing, reflecting each other, frame after frame, back in a curve of very great radius"

450: "'sailors' superstitions. Mirrors at high midnight. We know, don't we?'"

450: "there were even one-way mirrors so you could sit at your ease"

451: "gigantic troughs! running the whole beam of the ship, even, legend has it, off into mirror-space"

453: "all his mirror-to-mirror replications chaining out to port and starboard"

455: "half a dozen African faces, mobbing the mirrors with their darkness"

466: "white centimeter markings and numerals are being left in mirror-image against the red stripes"

471: "ooked for how many Last Times up in the rearview mirror"

482: "Too many mirrors"

491: "lights be thrown on again and the deck become a blinding mirror"

513: "Out a door of bulletproof glass, behind their own reflections, is the old test frame"

588: "The Girandole mirror [...] gathered images in its quicksilver pool"

600: "checking it out in the rearview mirror"

635: "goggles that reflect too much light"

652: "a voice in the blurred mirror underfoot"

653: "not content with standing in front of his own mirror making papal crosses"

670: "a muddy brown almost black eyeball reflecting a windmill and a jagged reticule of tree-branches in silhouette [...] Well, to be honest, now it isn't reflecting a windmill, it's reflecting a bottle of gin. No bottle of gin out here on the Heath either. But it was reflecting a windmill. [...] Could it be that Blicero's eyes, in which Greta Erdmann saw maps of his Kingdom, are for Thanatz reflecting the past?"

670-71: "Blicero's own reflection in the oval mirror, an old face [...] two faces looking back now"

677: "just turn to the Glozing Neuter nearest you, even your own reflection in the mirror"

686: "an ingenious system of home-carpentered light ducts and mirrors adjusted throughout the day send sunlight, for the first time, down into these back courts"

699: "Silver and black. Curvewarped reflections of stars flowing [...] round and round in meridians exact as the meridians of acupuncture."

728: "the Germans, close to the end of the War, were developing a sonic death-mirror [...] The concrete mirror would [...] throw back a perfect shock wave to destroy anything in its path"

757: "Zhlubb looks up sharply into his mirror."

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