"taking over not so much through any brute pungency or volume as by the high intricacy to the weaving of its molecules [...] the same assertion-through-structure allows this war morning's banana fragrance to meander, repossess, prevail" 10

"Suddenly there was a beach, the unpredictable ... new life" 126

"a nova of heart that will. . .change us forever to the very forgotten roots of who we are" 134

redemption ("the possibility of another night that could actually [...] light the path home"), 135

"Enough to make you believe in a folk-consciousness" 155

"love, dreams, the spirit" 177

"love that can even make the oppression seem a failure" 219

"some promise of event without cause, surprises, a direction at right angles to every direction his life has been able to find till now" 253

"the living green, against the dead white" 268

"vines are beginning to grow back" 281

"Earth's gift for genesis" 316

"lovable but scatterbrained Mother Nature" 324

"sense all Earth like a baby" 358

Pökler giving away his gold ring, 433

"the one great centripedal movement of the World" 440

"Murphy's Law, where the salvation could be" 471

"luminous breast of sky" 501

"Somewhere, among the wastes of the World, is the key that will bring us back, restore us to our Earth and to our freedom" 525

"Dialectically. . .some counterforce would have had to arise" 536

"Next time you come across a logging operation [...]" 553

"maybe for a little while all the fences are down, one road as good as another, the whole space of the Zone cleared, depolarized, and somewhere inside the waste of it a single set of coordinates from which to proceed, without elect, without preterite, without even nationality to fuck it up [...]" 556

"there seem to be provisions active for balancing things out" 580

"or if it has happened at real random, preserving at least our faith in Malfunction as still something beyond Their grasp" 586

"There is a counterforce in the Zone" 611

"we must [...] look [...] to the silence around us, to the passage of the next rock [and] its aeons of history under the long and female persistence of water and air" 612-13

The Counterforce, 617

"the gates of green return" 627

"We piss on Their rational arrangements" 639

"counterforce traveling song" 639

Byron's "Guerilla Strike Force" 649

"Love" 650

"there is a key, among the wastes of the World" 667

"At least one moment of passage, one it will hurt to lose, ought to be found for every street now indifferently gray with commerce, with war, with repression ... finding it, learning to cherish what was lost, mightn't we find some way back?" 693

"the dialectical ballet of force, counterforce" 704

"The dearest nation of all is one that will survive no longer than you and I, a common movement at the mercy of death and time: the ad hoc adventure. --Resolutions of the Gross Suckling Conference" 706

"if the Counterforce knew better what those categories concealed, they might be in a better position to disarm, de-penis and dismantle the Man" 712

"failed Counterforce" 713

"[Pudding] is now a member of the Counterforce" 715

"an overpeaking of life so clamorous and mad, such a green corona about Earth's body" 720

"an Aether sea to bear us world-to-world might bring us back a continuity, show us a kinder universe, more easygoing [...]" 726

"spokesman for the Counterforce" 738

Gravity's Rainbow Alpha Guide
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