"the fall of a crystal palace" 3

"the oldest of city dirt, last crystallizations of all the city had denied, threatened, lied to its children" 4

"the gasworks beyond, stand precisely: crystals grown in morning's beaker" 6

"the sun over there, just risen over in Holland, is striking the rocket's exhaust, drops and crystals" 6

"half-mythical cottagers from New York lapsing back now to green wilderness [...], all the crystal windows every single one smashed" 28

"the wind shook down crystals of snow: purple and orange creatures blooming on her long lashes" 58

"The Abbey's ruin stands gray and crystal" 86

"the truth's crystal sheets have diffracted all her audible words" 107

"there comes pouring out onto his tongue the most godawful crystalline concentration of Jeez it must be pure nitric acid" 117

"None of your bright-Swiss or crystalline season here" 131-32

"ice crystals swept hissing away from the back edges of wings perilously deep" 151

"St. Blaise checked over the equipment of those who got back to base and found nothing wrong: all the crystals on frequency" 151

"developing patterned paint, dissolving crystal after patient crystal" 159-60

"Chandeliers shaggy with crystal needles flare overhead" 191

"[Katje] tosses the tablecloth over him, precisely wrinkling folds propagating swift as crystal faults" 198

"Slothrop will find a dried piece of snot on the card, a crystal brown visa for Nordhausen" 299

"every dark crystal of Thuringian sand he's going to be splashed over" 306

"hot insides poised here so terribly above the breakneck passage of crystalline ice and snow" 347

"each crystal, in the hoarse sputter of the Jablochkov candles, each flake struck perfect" 351

"corpsmen run hither and thither clutching bottles of fluffy white crystalline substances" 368

"you drop some on the substance in question, which dissolves--then you watch how it comes out of solution, how it recrystallizes" 376

"The jeep, crystal verdigris, waiting" 378

"Oversize crystals of salt lie graying" 398

"Gretel's eyes lock [...] crystal-heavy lashes batting at the landings of guerrilla winds from the sea." 398

"the watch, the crystal becoming, in brief flashes on/off, a nacreous circle binding together the hour and the fleecy sky" 425

"pendant earrings of crystal twinkling from her tiny lobes" 463

"crystal birds flying up into forests of nose hair" 481

"its crystalline structure" 497

"taping the last of the crystal-stuffed bottles to his bare leg" 595

"Promotor Bodine and his two combatants are burning crystals of awareness in this poisoned gray gathering" 597

"the dogs [...] crystallizing into sects, each around the image of its trainer" 614

"arm straight out swinging in in a giant curve zoom precisely to the nostril he's aiming at, then flicking in the lot from two feet away without losing a crystal" 621

"the scraper that clears the winter's crystal attack-from-within, its white necropolizing" 626

"all of those snowy-white crystals are blowing up from Muffin-tin Road" 646

"terror has come welling up through the gap, crystal terror" 708

"Nordhausen felt like a city in a myth [...]--engulfment by a crystal lake" 718

Gravity's Rainbow Alpha Guide
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