Earth in Gravity's Rainbow

"to rooftop earth" 5

"around the curve of the Earth, farther east, the sun over there, just risen over in Holland, is striking the rocket's exhaust" 6

"assimilation with the earth" 27

"assimilated in life to the dynamic that surrounded them thoroughly as in death they would be to churchyard earth" 28

"He burns the message, fallen on him from higher than Earth's atmosphere, salvaged from Earth's prime meridian" 72

"until the constellations, like the new stars of Pain-land, had become all unfamiliar and the earth's seasons reversed." 99

"'Liebchen, this is the other half of the earth. In Germany you would be yellow and blue.'" 101

"It was then, if ever, he might have seen how the weapon made an axis potent as Earth's own between himself and this victim" 109

"like the poor species they were removing totally from the earth" 110

"An earthly paradise restored, their island as it used to be given them back?" 111

"And herself in a chair, old-fashioned bonneted, looking west over the deck of Earth, inferno red at its edges, and further in the brown and gold clouds...." 123

"Roger and Jessica came upon a church [...] lamplit, growing out of the earth" 127

"There's the smell of damp wool [...] folding the other odors in a maternal way, more closely belonging to Earth, to deep strata, other times" 130

"the War has shunted them, earthed them, those heedless destroying signalings of love" 133

"And 60 miles up the rockets hanging the measureless instant over the black North Sea before the fall [...] in helpless plunge to Earth." 135

"the entire film runs backward: faired skin back to sheet steel back to pigs to white incandescence to ore, to Earth" 139

"all in some nameless earth tone--a hedgegreen, a clay-brown, a touch of oxidation, a breath of the autumnal" 149

"to give up a strike at earth for a strike at heaven...." 151

"some nasty earth-sign belligerence" 154

"Earth's excrement, purged out for the ennoblement of shining steel. Passed over." 166

"'This is one meaning of mauve, the first new color on Earth, leaping to Earth's light from its grave miles and aeons below [...]'" 166

"Ragged smoke is carried askew, curling, broken and back to earth by the falling snow." 171

"the houses and villas there baked to warm rusts, gentle corrosions all through Earth's colors, pale raw to deeply burnished." 181

"framing the poor hand its cruel tetanus is separating from Earth" 186

"Or if its day/Just turned to night, as Earth went spinning?" 196

"after all, an economy inflating, upward bound as a balloon, its own definition of Earth's surface drifting upward in value, uncontrolled, drifting with the days" 238

"deuce 'n' a half ruts in the foreign earth" 247

" the light running down the walls is of only two colors: earth and leaf" 254

"called up to the light of day and earth" 276

"There's a Brennschluss point for every firing site. They still hang up there, all of them, a constellation waiting to have a 13th sign of the Zodiac named for it...but they lie so close to Earth that from many places they can't be seen at all." 302

"who was the woman alone in the earth, planted up to her shoulders in the aardvark hole" 315

"In preterite line they have pointed her here, to be in touch with Earth's gift for genesis." 316

"She is a seed in the Earth. The holy aardvark has dug her bed." 316

"Switzerland and Tibet are linked along one of the true meridians of Earth [...] We will have to learn such new maps of Earth" 321

"under the earth, in the night, the sun is born again, to come back each dawn, new and the same. But we, Zone-Hereros, under the earth" 322

"Custard drips into the wind, yellow droplets fall in long arcs toward earth" 334

"At this latitude the earth's shadow races across Germany at 650 miles an hour" 336

"endless tremors in the earth" 338

" sky and earth" 340

"They are silences NTA cannot fill, cannot liquidate, immense and frightening as the elements in this bear's corner--scaled to a larger Earth, a planet wilder and more distant from the sun" 341

"They're riding away from the railroad: farther away from the kinder zones of Earth." 342

" her face, pressed into the seismic earth" 342

"Time for retrospection here, for refining the recent history that's being pumped up fetid and black from other strata of Earth's mind...." 354

"For the Kirghiz Light took my eyes/Now I sense all Earth like a baby." 358

" There's the smell of earth." 366

"Earth has turned over in its sleep, and the tropics are reversed...." 373

" But anything with Earth in it was politically safe--Earth, Soil, Folk...a code." 395

"'We'll all use it, someday, to leave the earth. To transcend.'" 400

"And Earth green and blue in the sky...." 410

"Smoke seeped from the earth" 424

"Insects whine, the sun is almost warm, he can gaze off at the red earth" 425

"He had left 1945, wired his nerves back into the pre-Christian earth we fled across" 465

"the black mud pool: that underground presence, old as Earth" 477

"a distant rumbling, the implied silhouette of some explosion, conducted here through the earth overhead." 483

"'We moved into the Heath. There were oilfields, and blackened earth.'" 486

"gullwings driven back into the earth" 507

"it puts you in with the neutered, brother, in with the eunuchs keeping the harem of our stolen Earth for the numb and joyless hardons of human sultans" 521

"Somewhere, among the wastes of the World, is the key that will bring us back, restore us to our Earth and to our freedom." 525

"If They have taken much more, and taken not only from Earth but also from us--well, why begrudge Them, when they're just as doomed to die as we are?" 539

"at least the physical things They have taken, from Earth and from us, can be dismantled, demolished--returned to where it all came from." 540

"at home with the Earth, sharing the same gift of life" 555

"beings from the planetoid Katspiel, of veryvery elliptical orbit--which is to say it passed by Earth only once, a long time ago" 584

"history is Earth's mind, and [...] there are layers [...] of history analogous to layers of coal and oil in Earth's body." 589

"Because it's hard to get over the wonder of finding that Earth is a living critter, after all these years of thinking about a big dumb rock to find a body and psyche [...] To find that Gravity [...] is really something eerie, Messianic, extrasensory in Earth's mindbody...having hugged to its holy center the wastes of dead species, gathered, packed, transmuted, realigned, and rewoven molecules to be taken up again by the coal-tar Kabbalists of the other side [...] The rest of us, not chosen for enlightenment, left on the outside of Earth, at the mercy of a Gravity [...] hoping that for each psi-synthetic taken from Earth's soul there is a molecule, secular, more or less ordinary and named, over here" 590

" Other souls move, sigh, groan unseen among the sheets of fog, dimensions in here under the earth meaningless" 606

"'wind' was a middle term, a convention to express what really moved the cross...and this applied to all wind, everywhere on Earth" 621

"Like that Rilke prophesied, And though Earthliness forget you, To the stilled Earth say: I flow. To the rushing water speak: I am." 622

"Slothrop sees a very thick rainbow here, a stout rainbow cock driven down out of pubic clouds into Earth, green wet valleyed Earth" 626

"Welcome there, Earthman." 626

"a world below the surface of Earth or mud--it crawls like mud, but cries like Earth" 672

"Maximilian [...] is a pilot through Earth's baddest minefields" 676

"good raw Peruvian cocaine still full of the Earth" 683

"a helix through cork air over wine of Earth falling bright" 684

"Through Darkest Earth, making the unreal reel" 689

"But in each of these streets, some vestige of humanity, of Earth, has to remain." 693

"Suppose They don't want us to know there is a medium there, what used to be called an "aether" which can carry sound to every part of the Earth." 695

"What if They find it convenient to preach an island of life surrounded by a void? Not just the Earth in space, but your own individual life in time?" 697

"Wimpe smiled back. An old, old smile to chill even the living fire in Earth's core." 701

"she feels the cross the man has made on his own circle of visible earth" 719

"it was Titans, was an overpeaking of life so clangorous and mad, such a green corona about Earth's body that some spoiler had to be brought in before it blew the Creation apart." 720

"presence back on Earth is only temporary, and never 'real'" 723

"'spheres of influence' modified to toruses of Rocket range that are parabolic in section...not, as we might imagine, bounded below by the line of the Earth it 'rises from' and the Earth it 'strikes' No But Then You Never Really Thought It Was Did You Of Course It Begins Infinitely Below The Earth And Goes On Infinitely Back Into The Earth it's only the peak that we are allowed to see, the break up through the surface, out of the other silent world" 726

"the Rocket does lead that way [...] past these visible serpent coils that lash up above the surface of Earth in rainbow light [...] these things of Earth's deep breast we were never told" 726

"a vast white army [...] ready to come down off of the high ground at a word from Ludwig, and smear the blacks into the earth." 733

"No not for roguery until the monitors are there in blashing sheets of earth to mate and say medoshnicka bleelar medoometnozz in bergamot" 746

"earth and heather, coming of age" 749

"'[...] It is the axis of a particular Earth, a new dispensation, brought into being by the Great Firing.' 'But but with a new axis, a newly spinning Earth [...] what happens to astrology?'" 753; "'Here--' hefting a fat Xeroxed sheaf, "the Ephemeris. Based on the new rotation." 'You mean someone's actually found the Bodenplatte? The Pole?' 'The delta-t itself. It wasn't made public, naturally.'" 754

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