Edges in Gravity's Rainbow

"the edges of the figure here and there eroded by 200 years of seasons' fire" 26

"that stone hand pointing out of the secular clouds [...] its edges traced in unbearable light" 27

"the swamp-edge graveyard" 27

"herself too lost at the manic edge of him" 36

"the blue flame sparking about the edges in the dark" 38

" the shadows of the men's gestures may pass through it, knife-edged" 47

"snow gathers like light at all windward edges of the ancient Abbey" 73

Reg Le Froyd "teetering at the edge of the cliff" 73

"children at the edges of attention" 74

"the house at the edge of the stay-away town" 87

"their figures dwindling [...] very sharp-edged" 92

"roses and fat just at the edge of turning rancid" 94

"Pirate ranging the edges of the roof-garden" 112

"Earth, inferno red at its edges" 123

"soft, nearly invisible in the December-dawn enclosure, among so many sharp edges of books" 125

"Everything glimmers, edges are extremely clear" 137

"a fan shape near the edge of her veil" 145

" his social eye like light at the edge of the evening when [...] nothing helps" 145

"the lit profiles of military personnel and young ladies are the edges of clouds" 150

"her history and its pain, and the edge of it, always fresh from the stone, cutting at his hopes" 150

"ice crystals swept hissing away from the back edges of wings" 151

" a Revolution-in-exile-in-residence [...] surviving at the bleak edge over these Weimar years" 155

"The brown wool flank of Gwenhidwy moves at the edge of his sight" 170

"At the edge of the water small kids are chasing" 185

"each word a hard-edged clap" 188

"He can't find an edge anyplace and feels a little panicky." 198

"all edges neatly squared" 201

"the rainbow edges of what is almost on him" 203

"out at the horizon, out near the burnished edge of the world" 214

"What have the watchmen of world's edge come tonight to look for?" 215

"Sir Stephen is on his knees [...] quaking at the edge of it, to tell Slothrop a terrible secret" 216

"The lock [...] slams open with an edge of echo trailing" 232

"Edges were hardly ever glimpsed, much less flirted at or with." 239

"Just for the knife-edge, here in the Rue Rossini" 253

"intentions he can only [...] begin to feel the leading edges of...." 257

"the razor edge that never gets dull" 260

"houses reflected down there [...] edges fine and combed as rain" 269

"A smell, a forbidden room, at the bottom edge of his memory" 286

" the goat-god's city cousins wait for you at the edges of the light" 303

"All at once comes shouting from the edges of the company" 307

"a network of edges to the broken rock" 312

"pedophilia ('It is widely reported that just at the edge you grow glaringly younger')" 319

"They left him back at the edge of his mother's village" 323

"The spectra wash red to indigo, tidal, immense, at all their edges" 331

""Look. You can see the edge of [Earth's shadow]'" 336

" a knife's edge to the firelight" 337

"desperate Luba about the edges, always, of [Galina's] room" 339

"wingbeats already at the edges of waking" 341

"explorer and edge of the wavegreen world" 343

"two wretched delinquents are skulking out to the edges of town" 347

Tchitcherine "stayed with [the Herero girl] at the edge of the flat sorrowful little town" 351

"at the edge of the dry veld" 351

"I have come from the edge of the world." 357

"by the reedy edge of a marsh south of the capital" 360

" Negative shadows flicker white behind the edges of everything." 363

" the cocaine will appear first, at the edges" 376

"The clouded afternoon is mellowed to windsoftened edges" 378

"close to the water's edge" 382

"a settlement at the edge of a little river" 386

"the edges of steel razors, always holding potent mystery [...] What is that [...] beneath the edge of the razor" 396

"comical curly ds marched along like hunchbacks through the fire-edge" 402

"the leading edge of faintest flesh dawn" 421

"[Pökler] couldn't have proven [Ilse's] identity, not beyond the knife-edge of zero tolerance" 421

"Weissmann's face at the edge of his bunk" 431

"dog collar (eyes at the edges of the twisting trail [...])" 434

"travelers lost at the edge of the Evening" 435

"yellow flame flowing over the edge of the bowl" 438

"a voice always just at the edge of falling apart" 444

"Out in the ruins [Slothrop] sees darkness now at the edges of all the broken shapes" 446

"the cockpit briefly filled with the light...right at the edge. Right here, at the interface, the air will be rising. You follow the edge of the storm, with another sense--the flight-sense, located nowhere, filling all your nerves...as long as you stay always right at the edge between fair lowlands and the madness of Donar it does not fail you, whatever it is that flies, this carrying drive toward--is it freedom? Does no one recognize what enslavement gravity is till he reaches the interface of the thunder?" 455

"then rain that must be often at the edge of sleet" 457

"eyebrows feathering out like trailing edges of hawks' wings" 464

"Each day [Bianca] feels closer to the edge of something [...] She feels able at last to tell of a personal horror, tell it clearly in a way others can share. That may keep it from taking her past the edge [...]" 471

"often the edges are apt to lift, briefly, and we see things we were not meant to" 474

"the three of them at the edge of a deepness none could sound" 477

"They had arrived at the edge of the black mud pool" 477

"Margherita collapsed by the edge of the great lightless pool" 478

"Rain [...] spilling in clear lacework from the edges." 479

"I was with her at the edge of one radioactive night." 479

"a persistence on the hard edge of death" 486

"I saw a light plane [...] at the edge of the parking lot." 486

"the living shape visible just for the rainbow edge of the sound" 488

"Trucks purr now and then along the road at the far edge of the airfield. " 507

"They edge outside" 513

"under waves of the Baltic keel-edged" 526

"As he edges downward" 531

"colliding at every step with shin-high edges" 531

"it's what's dancing dead-white and scarlet at the edges of his sight" 532

"there's no leaving shame [...] it has to be swallowed sharp-edged and ugly" 546

"we teetered at the edge" 547

"crouching by the edge of some little lake" 554

"Out at the edge of town are the remains of an A4 battery" 559

"the creeping edge of autumn" 564

"always to be held at the edges of revelations" 566

"He will never get further than the edge of this meta-cartel" 566

"the World on Monday, with its cold cutting edge" 571

"browsing at the edges of the fields of sleep" 572

"back at the grainy crepuscular Edge" 584

"the voices [...] grow shrill, with more of a blade's edge" 585

"the edge of the gathering" 593

"knees and slips edged in prewar Cluny lace" 594

"runcible spoons [...] filed edges bright" 597

"his own knife-edge now up and bisecting Purfle's Adam's apple [...] tuned to one another at the filed edge of this runcible spoon" 598

"over the tiled edge into the scented water" 606

"exegeses of windmills that turned in shadow at the edges of dark fields" 620

Slothrop "at the edge of one of the ancient Plague towns" 625

"off the edge of the crusted bare foot" 625

"at the Elbeward edge of the Brigade pool" 626

"the leading edge of a revelation" 631

"the shiny knife-edge not yet broken to his hand" 632

"'Male ostrich feathers, dyed a stunning peacock blue, sprouting off the edges?'" 633

"three-foot falls at the edge of sleep" 643

"There were touches of royal purple in the air, not bright enough to blur out over their edges" 643

"some people thought it unpatriotic of GE to have given Germany an edge like that" 654

"She's wearing a lean white dress [...] falling now not in knife edge pleats" 656

"speaking of edges, deeps, profit and loss, H-hours and points of no return" 659

"fat at the edge of souring" 663

"at the edge of the marsh" 665

"rises very purple around the edges" 670

"sharp edges" 672

"back at the green edge of Aries" 681

"living-at-the-edge" 685

"That's where religion had the edge" 701

"About the paranoia often noted under the drug [...] it is nothing less than the onset, the leading edge, of the discovery that everything is connected [...] a route In for those like Tchitcherine who are held at the edge...." 703

"There is another figure now, at the edge of the room." 705

"Der Grob Säugling, an inn by the edge of a little blue Holstein lake." 706

"You have a razor-edge, 280 km long, sweeping east/west across the Zone's pocked face" 707

"multitudes will gather at the edges of these north German villages to watch the two zanies" 708

"sea and land flicker across quicksilver edges" 713

"At the edge of the pit" 714

"Especially out at the edge like he is--'What edge?'" 719

"In harsh-edged echo, Titans stir far below." 720

"'I dream of discovering the edge of the World [...] America was the edge of the World [...]'" 722

"Will our new Edge, our new Deathkingdom, be the Moon?" 723

"at the fires' edges at night" 729

"in the last edge of Enzian's glance back" 730

"It may be possible to ride the interface, like gliding at the edge of a thunderstorm" 731

"When the edge of the gate is level with his chin, he looks up" 731

"black skies edged all around in acid orange" 732

"at the edge of the evening" 735

"the filing-edge of a morning wind" 735

"alone at the Baltic edge" 748

"at the edges of eye, ear, brain" 749

"The glittering edge widening to a hallway" 750

"the stream of traffic edges aside for a convoy of dark Lincolns" 756

"The laughter [...] with an edge of cigar smoke and aged bourbon" 756

"The edge of evening" 759

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