Europe in Gravity's Rainbow

"on this obscure sanjak had once hinged the entire fate of Europe" 14

"Novi Pazar, anyhow, was still a croix mystique on the palm of Europe" 16

"Pirate Prentice had saved Europe from the Balkan Armageddon the old men dreamed " 16

"It occurred to [Pudding] to focus his hobby on the European balance of power [...] Things That Can Happen in European Politics." 77, 275

"Early barbarians of Europe who ventured close enough to this coast saw these white barriers through the mist, and knew then where their dead had been taken to." 89

"potent European strand-wolves" 99

"underneath the European's sweat, ribs, gut-muscles, cock" 100

"It is the purest form of European adventuring. [...] Sanctified now they will feed us, sanctified their remains and droppings fertilize our crops" 111

"Their leader speaks English with some liquid, unspeakably nasty European accent." 123

" [Eventyr's] been brought up a Christian, a Western European, believing in the primacy of the "conscious" self and its memories, regarding all the rest as abnormal or trivial" 153

"'It might as well be Europe here, com-bat, splint-ing and drug-ging them all into some mini-mum condition to get on with the kill-ing?'" 172

"One of those thin-lipped European mouths" 187

"'I will employ some of that subterfuge, I mean I'm in that Europe, aren't I?'" 192

"an old and European pity" 205

"peering in at her European darkness, bewildered with it" 208

"the European reflexes to clarinets" 225

"indole crowd [...] They see themselves at the end of a long European dialectic, generations of blighted grain, ergotism, witches on broomsticks, community orgies, cantons lost up there in folds of mountain that haven't known an unhallucinated day in the last 500 years--keepers of a tradition, aristocrats" 261

"We of all magical precipitates out of Europe's groaning" 264

"Europe in the last weary stages of its perversion of magic" 277

"Stinnes [...] was the Wunderkind of European finance" 284

"these tracks underfoot run away fore and aft into all stilled Europe" 303

"Colonies are the outhouses of the European soul" 317

"ergot and agaric, the blight and fungus native to Europe. Christian Europe was always death, Karl, death and repression" 317

"the Europeans, conned by their own Baby Jesus Con Game" 318

"the Empty Ones [...] Europeanized in language and thought" 318

"white autumn-prone Europe" 322

" Weissmann, the European whose protégé [Enzian] became" 323

"The white faggot's-dream body, the slender legs and soft gold European eyes." 324

"It began when Weissmann brought him to Europe: a discovery that love, among these men, once past the simple feel and orgasming of it, had to do with masculine technologies, with contracts, with winning and losing." 324

"'what's happened, since your first days in Europe, could be described [...] almost as a "routinization of charisma."'" 325

"More Western paranoia, based solidly on the European balance of power." 340

"their scrims of European pain" 359

"she is haunted by Central European night whispers" 365

"European passport-psychoses" 395

"'haunted by a profound disgust for everything European,' Mondaugen went out alone into the bush" 403

"the high-desert traces of an ancient European order" 436

"The young barbarians coming in to murder the Last European, standing at the far end of what'd been going on since Bach, an expansion of music's polymorphous perversity till all notes were truly equal at last" 440

"gone dead green in the last sunset of Europe" 453

"all the malaise of a Europe dead and gone gathered here in the eyes" 458

"In their European slickness, they all fascinated him" 476

"some last reprise of the European thirties he had never known" 477

"it was Europe, it was the smoky, citied fear of death" 477

"'You're really in that Europe now,' [Bianca] grins, hugging [Slothrop]" 493

"the Jonas of falling Europe" 501-02

"His laugh [...] is Mitteleuropäisch and mirthless." 526

"the populations move [...] hauling along the detritus of an order, a European and bourgeois order they don't yet know is destroyed forever." 551

"[Wm. Slothrop] was one of the very first Europeans in." 555

"Too many anarchists in 19th-century Europe--Bakunin, Proudhon, Salverio Friscia--were Masons for it to be pure chance." 587

"hooked up to the European Grid" 604

"while Europe died meanly in its own wastes, men loved" 616

"papers might not mean so much in Europe...waitaminute, so much as where, Slothrop? Huh? America?" 623

"They both start laughing. [Katje's] is weary-European, slow, head-shaking." 659

"All over Europe [...] at this very moment, are hundreds, who knows maybe thousands, of people walking around, who have been struck by lightning and survived." 663

"your first European-gangster hit, they like to use 3 rounds: head, stomach, and heart." 711

"'America was the edge of the World. A message for Europe, continent-sized, inescapable. Europe had found the site for its Kingdom of Death, that special Death the West had invented. Savages had their waste regions, Kalaharis, lakes so misty they could not see the other side. But Europe had gone deeper--into obsession, addiction, away from all the savage innocences. America was a gift from the invisible powers, a way of returning. But Europe refused it. It wasn't Europe's Original Sin--the latest name for that is Modern Analysis--but it happens that Subsequent Sin is harder to atone for.

"In Africa, Asia, Amerindia, Oceania, Europe came and established its order of Analysis and Death. What it could not use, it killed or altered. In time the death-colonies grew strong enough to break away. But the impulse to empire, the mission to propagate death, the structure of it, kept on. Now we are in the last phase. American Death has come to occupy Europe. It has learned empire from its old metropolis. But now we have only the structure left us, none of the great rainbow plumes, no fittings of gold, no epic marches over alkali seas. The savages of other continents, corrupted but still resisting in the name of life, have gone on despite everything...while Death and Europe are separate as ever, their love still unconsummated. Death only rules here. [...]'" 722-23

"hopeless as the one-way flow of European time" 724

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