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Notes to self -- things to pursue:

PICSES: in the zodiac is opposite Virgo-Jungfrau. Note talk of oppositions collapsing in conversation between Pointsman and Spectro.

St. Veronica's Hospital: The special rat in V. named after St. Veronica. Check up on her affinities/rulerships.

Pointsman/Spectro: Light as quanta(points) and waves-spectrum.

Ick Regis: Meanings: Ick -- a white fish sickness. Also "ick" as repulsion. Regis: genitive of Rex. Hence -- "Sick of the king" Ick-fish connection. Virgo-Picses conflation white(virgo/Goddess)-fish. Fisher-king.

Virgin and Dynamo -- TRP references Henry Adams a lot. Can the dynamo be far from the Virgin whenever either is mentioned?

6:43:16 DBST -- no date given. Is this a premonition of Hiroshima or other? Check times. Again, no date given. Can it be an astrological signature: 6 degrees, 43.266 degrees? Virgo on horizon rising??

white -- white face, white toilet bowl, white light.

Nice description of architecture of St. V's as metaphor for modern man's loss of God.

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