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"Tree o' Creation," 411; "you fragment of smashed vessel," 478; "the Real Text," 520; "the holy Text," 521; "coal-tar Kabbalists," 590; Astarte and Lilith, 649; "kabbalist's study in Lyons," 650; "Tree," 694; "like water-mirages at the Sixth Antechamber to the Throne" 717; "Rocket as Torah. . .its text is theirs to permute. . .always unfolding," 727; "the Angels Melchidael, Yahoel, Anafiel, and the great Metatron" 734; "the Messiah gathering in the fallen sparks," 737; "Tree of Life," 747; 749-53; Vessels, 757; See also Metatron; Qlippoth

Kaisersbart Expedition
754; German: "Kaiser's beard, mutton-chops"; found the Bodenplatte "the delta-t itself"

Kaiser Wilhelm II (1859-1941)
Ninth king of Prussia and third German emperor (1888-1918); by 1914 he was just a figure head with the real power in the hands of the generals. After the collapse of the German armies at the conclusion of WWI, he was forced to abdicate and moved to Holland and lived happily ever after; "Old Kaiser Bill, you're over the hill" 619

Kai-shek, Chiang
See Chiang Kai-shek

323; 403; 523; 658; [MAP]

Japanese: "divine wind"; "mock Kamikaze attacks," 310; Morituri at Kamikaze school on Formosa, 473; Bulbs' Kamikaze squads, 649; fallen cherry blossoms, 672; The Wisdom of the Great Kamikaze Pilots, 680; "the slogan of a Kamikaze unit," 696; See also Komical Kamikazes

Kammler, Maj-Gen
An architect and civil engineer by trade, Dr. Hans Kammler was taken full-time into the Nazi leadership in 1941. He played a prominent role in the building of the death/extermination camp, Auschwitz-Birkenau. In August 1944, Hitler appointed him Special Commissioner for the A-4 program, which program he took over from Dornberger who had been in charge of the program since 1930; in charge of the construction of the Mittlewerk, 282; at Blizna, 424; decision to disburse testing and production sites, 426; 464

Kármán, Theodore von (1881-1963)
452; Hungarian-born American physicist and aeronautical engineer, he is sometimes called the father of modern aerodynamics.

Karmic Hammer
644; "a '37 Ford, same exemption from"; Karmic wheel, 651;

See Borgesius, Katje

584-85; fictional planetoid inhabited by sentient pinballs

Katspiel Kid

340; Central Asian people; ex-prisoners-of-war "marching east" 550;

KdF ship
453; KdF = Kraft durch Freude = "strength through joy"; KdF was a very popular and successful Nazi program. Cruise-liners were built and priced for the pleasure and leisure of German workers. Another product of the program was the Volkswagen.

Kekulé von Stradonitz, Friedrich August (d. 1896)
German chemist; switched from architecture to chemistry, 84; his "dream of 1865" which led to his revolutionizing chemistry and making plastics possible, 410-11; taught by Liebig at Univ. of Glessen, 411

Kelvinator-Bostonian dialect
The Kelvinator Corporation, a manufacturer of electric refrigerators and other household appliances, began in 1936 but was sold to the American Motors Corporation in 1968; "folksy old icebox humming along in" 677

Kennedy, Joe (1888-1969)
682; Multi-millionaire father of President John F. Kennedy, he held minor administrative posts in Roosevelt's administration and was ambassador to Britain (1938-40); Nalline's letter to;

Kennedy, John F. ("Jack") (1917-63)
35th president of the United States and son of Joseph Kennedy. A handsome and charismatic man, he was assassinated in Dallas, Texas in 1963; in Slothrop's class at Harvard, 65; 682; 688

"The Kenosha Kid"
by Forbes Parkhill (Aug 1931) "Hatred and dread hung over the town like a pall. Pard turned against pard; every man suspected his neighbor. And to solve that mystery, The Kenosha Kid — Robinhood of straights and flushes — plays his most thrilling game for a desperation jackpot."
Thanks to Paul Mackin!
Full text and images at The Modern Word
Kenosha Kid

Kenosha is a city of some 85,000 people in the extreme southeast of Wisconsin, about halfway between Chicago and Milwaukee, and the seat of Kenosha County. It is also the birthplace of filmmaker Orson Welles (May 6, 1915); Kenosha Kid (Sodium Amytal hallucination of Slothrop's while being probed at PISCES about American racial problems), 60-71, 114, 696-97; colonel from Kenosha, WI, 643; Kenosha, WI, 645; "and in Kenosha too!" 645; "Old Kenosho the loony radarman," 691; Kenosha Kid and the Sentimental Surrealist, 696; Kenosha WI Web Page; You Never Did the Kenosha Kid?

German: "guy" or "fellow"

illustrated, 361; 5 positions of the launching switch for the A4 (Klar: "clear"; Entluftung: "discharge fuel"; Zundung: "ignite"; Vorstufe: "first stage"; Hauptstufe: "main stage"); "in the sky over the Alexanderplatz," 446; mandala in Marvy's green Ford, 560; Herero interpretation, 563

Khama, Sir Seretse (1921-80)
323; The nephew of the chief regent of the Bamangwato in Bechuanaland, Khama was educated in Africa and Balliol College, Oxford; he fell in love with an Englishwoman and was thus banned from the chieftanship, but was restored to the chieftanship in 1965. He sent help to the Herero on their trek across the Kalahari; "king of the Bechuanas" in South-West Africa

Khlaetsch, Minne
683-84; "an astrologer of the Hamburg School" into whose apartment Säure broke; her screams for help sounded like "Helicopter!" instead of "Cute looking robber!" because of her inability to pronounce umlauts. Girlfriend of Wimpe.

Kilgour or Curtis
200; tailors in London

Kilkenny to Kew
541; Kilkenny is a county in southwestern Ireland; Kew is situated on the south bank of the river Thames near Richmond, South West London, and is the home of the Royal Botanical Gardens

177; son of Sooty, Jessica's cat See also Sooty

Original "King Kong" poster, 1933
King Kong & the Like

Fay Wray look, 57; Fay Wray, 57, 179, 275; "You will have the tallest, darkest leading man in Hollywood," 179; "headlights burning like the eyes of" 247; "the black scapeape we cast down like Lucifer," 275; Mitchell Prettyplace book about, 275; "the Fist of the Ape," 277; "orangutan on wheels," 282; taking a shit, 368; "The figures darkened and deformed, resembling apes" 483; "a troupe of performing chimpanzees" 496; "on the tit with no motor skills," 578; "Negroid apes," 586; "that sacrificial ape," 664; "a gigantic black ape," 688; Carl Denham, 689; poem based on King Kong, 689; See also: actors/directors film/cinema references; King Kong Web Page; Wikipedia entry

King's Evil
119; aka, scrofula (caseating [becoming cheese-like] tuberculosis of the lymphatic glands), supposedly cured by the royal touch

King Tigers
91; Germany's biggest baddest tanks; 103; 262; "Königstiger tank guards" 433;

167-68; "And the crowds they swarm in Knightsbridge, and the wireless carols drone, and the Underground's a mob-scene, but Pointsman's all alone" [sung to the tune of "Well-Respected Man"]

155; German: "cinema houses"

Kipling, Rudyard (1865-1936)
This English writer, most famous for the two Jungle Books, was criticized as being an imperialist and jingoist, though he published criticisms and satires on some of the less savory aspects of colonialism; his poem "Fuzzy-Wuzzy"; "it was during [Pirate's] Kipling Period, beastly Fuzzy-Wuzzies as far as the eye could see" 13

"It was a land of drunken nostalgia for the cities, silent Kirghiz riding, endless tremors in the earth" 338; "Young and old Kirghiz came in from the plain, smelling of horses, sour milk and weed-smoke" 338; "Dzaqyp Qulan's father was killed during the 1916 rising [...] one of about 100 fleeing Kirghiz massacred one evening [...] They hunted Sarts, Kazakhs, Kirghiz" 340; "This native uprising was supposed to be the doing of foreigners [...]. How could there be Kazakh, Kirghiz--Eastern--reasons?" 340; "Out into the bones of the backlands ride Tchitcherine and his faithful Kirghiz companion Dzaqyp Qulan." 342; " the Kirghiz pheasants scattering now at the sound of hooves" 343; "That chunky, resinous Turkestan phantasmagoric is fine for Russian, Kirghiz, and other barbaric tastes, but give Chu the tears of the poppy any time" 347; See also Kirghiz Light


Kollwitz, Käthe (d. 1945)
578; German artist who did a series of sketches on death [Image 1] [Image 2]

Koltushy institute
75; where Porkyevitch worked with Pavlov "back before the purge trials"

Komical Kamikazes
690; Takeshi & Ichizo; 697; 738

353; "Tchitcherine transliterates [represents in the characters of another alphabet] the opening sura of"; Koran is "the script in which the word of Allah came down on the Night of Power" 354; See also Islam

German: "shit"

153; Kommunistische Partei Deutschlands: "German Communist Party"; See also Luxemburg, Rosa; Pökler, Leni

232; Richard von Krafft-Ebbing (1840-1902), a German psychiatrist, wrote Psychopathia Sexualis (1876), describing a variety of sexual proclivities

642; Krakatau volcano lies in the Sunda strait between the islands of Java and Sumatra. In about 416 A.D., caldera collapse destroyed the volcano and formed a 4-mile (7-km) wide caldera. The islands of Krakatau, Verlaten, and Lang are remnants of this volcano. The eruption and collapse of the caldera in 1883 produced one of the largest explosions on Earth in recorded time (VEI=6) and destroyed much of Krakatau island, leaving only a remnant.

Krasnyy Arkhiv
349; where Tchitcherine inspected the documents related to his father's doomed voyage

451; shipfitter on the Toiletship who, with Höpmann (as the Scatotechnic Snipes), routed the waste lines into the ventilation system, and transferred to icebreaker duty, "erected vaguely turd-shaped monoliths of ice and snow all across the Arctic"; See also Höpmann

Krodobbly, Missus
741; "drinking her way through the Big Depression" and goes to site of Dillinger murder

264; where Squalidozzi and Slothrop go, in Zürich; 268

12; named in Pirate's song about other people's fantasies

Krupp works
"No matter if Girly's on my knee--If Kruppingham-Jones is late to tea," 12; "Why do you think we wanted Krupp to sell them agricultural machinery so badly?" 166; "The theory going around at the time was that Stinnes was conspiring with Krupp, Thyssen, and others to ruin the mark and so get Germany out of paying her war debts." 285; "the "Allied" planes all would have been, ultimately, IG built, by way of Director Krupp, through his English interlocks" 520; "what if it's the Krupp works in Essen, what if it's Blohm & Voss right here in Hamburg or another make-believe 'ruin,'" 521; "Russia bought from Krupp, didn't she, from Siemens, the IG..." 566; "the old Krupp works" 591; "Too many tungsten filaments would [...] disturb the arrangement between General Electric and Krupp about how much tungsten carbide would be produced" 654; "KRUPPALOOMA comes this giant explosion" 690; "Utgarthaloki, an ex-member of management at the Krupp works here in Cuxhaven." 709; "the Krupp wingding" 711; "middle-line Kruppsters creak in the bowlegged velvet chairs" 712; "Nalline Slothrop just before her first martini is right here, in spirit, at this Kruppfest." 712; See also Krupp, Gustav; [Sasuly's IG Farben]

Krupp, Gustav (d. 1950)
aka Gustav Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach; German industrialist and director of Krupp works; "The Night Rog and Beaver Fought Over Jessica While She Cried in Krupp's Arms" 713; See also Krupp works

Krypton, Albert
594; "corpsman striker of the U.S.S. John E. Badass"; doper buddy of Bodine's

Krypton Blue
595; "a proprietary mixture" of cocaine which Corpsman Krypton is coming on to

71; used to encrypt messages; de-crypted by rubbing cum on it

416; site of old Raketenflugplatz

458; German: "spa hotel"; the spa on the Sprudelhof in Bad Karma

Kuropatkin, Alexei Nikolaievich (1848-1925)
Russian soldier who commanded the Russian armies on the northern front February-August 1916 and was governor of Turkestan until the Revolution of 1917; Russian whose troops Daqyp Qulan's father was trying to get away from during the 1916 uprising in Central Asia, 340

477; German: "casino"; "weekly ball in the"

Kurzweg, Prof.-Dr. Hermann
Kurzweg came to Peenemünde in 1937 as head of research and chief assistant to engineer Dr. Rudolph Hermann, working in wind-tunnel research; he was instrumental in refining the design for the A4; Achtfaden "always worked out of [his] shop" 455

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