Quartertone, Margaret
146; studied by Psi section; produces voices on discs without speaking

176; "a process by which living souls unwillingly become the demons known to the main sequence of Western Magic as Qlippoth, Shells of the Dead"; "no way to appeal to the dumb and grinning evil of the shell that was left" 268; "Forget them, they are no better than the Qlippoth, the shells of the dead" 590; "she will not be mounted by a plastic shell" 661; "stumblebum magicians who can't help leaving themselves wide open for disastrous visits from Qlippoth" 746; "each of the Sephiroth is also haunted by its proper demons or Qlippoth" 748; "will use all your love for friends who have passed across against you" 750; "all the gathered fragments of the Vessels" 757; See also Kabbalists

Queen Anne salutes

Queen of Burgundee

Queen of Transylvania
213; Katje as, 283

615; "[Sir Marcus Scammony's] favorite [...] a weird pre-war mixture of quinine, beef-tea and port — with a dash of Coca Cola and a peeled onion"

Quisling molecules
176; Named after Vidkun Quisling (1887-1945), a Norwegian who founded the Fascist Nasjonal Samling Party (National Unity). Throughout World War II he collaborated with the Nazis. "Quisling" is now used as a noun for a traitor or collaborator who aids an invading enemy, although Pynchon uses it here as an adjective meaning traitorous.

Qulan, Dzaqyp
339; [Kirghiz: Dzaqyp = Jacob, Qulan = "foal" (young horse)]; "the traveling 'native' schoolteacher" and Georgian Kirghiz who was Tchitcherine's "faithful Kirghiz companion"; father killed by Russians in 1916; "his own lynched father" 356; 508

Quoad, Austin
115; deceased husband of Mrs. Quoad; in Mrs. Quoad's dream, 119

Quoad, Mrs.

115; [Latin: "quoad" adv. = "as far as" or "as long as"] compare etymologies with Solange; Old lady with whom Darlene lives, who suffers from "a series of antiquated diseases--greensickness, tetter, kibes, purples, imposthumes and almonds in the ears, most recently a touch of scurvy" 115; "Disgusting English Candy Drill"; checked out by Speed & Perdoo, 271

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