751; German: "ox-eyes": circular windows

"all Pointsman will score, presently, is an octopus--yes a gigantic, horror-movie devilfish name of Grigori" 51; "an octopus is much too elaborate" 52; "they're brewing up something that involves a giant octopus" 112; "the inner room where octopus Grigori oozes sullenly in his tank" 113; "an octopus? Yes it is the biggest fucking octopus Slothrop has ever seen outside of the movies, Jackson," 186; "Shaking Slothrop waves the crab at the octopus" 187; "this octopus is not in good mental health" 187; "that was no "found" crab, Ace--no random octopus or girl, uh-uh" 188; "'I saved a dame from an octopus not so long ago, how about that?' 'With one difference,' sez Blodgett Waxwing. 'This really happened tonight. But that octopus didn't.'" 248; "From out of her body streams a flood now of different creatures, octopuses" 447; "Octopus Grigori in his tank, watching the Katje footage" 533; "Gerhardt von Göll, with his corporate octopus wrapping every last negotiable item in the Zone" 611; See also Grigori; Vintage Octopus Pulp Covers!

202; Officer's Cadet Training Unit, located in Sandhurst, near London

262; "one of the great world cafés," located in Zürich, where Slothrop meets Squalidozzi; 268;

Oder Haff
489; "will grow wide around the Anubis" 491;

See Greifswalder Oie

730; Herero: "little bell"; Schwarzkommando who is wounded; 732

German: "Oberkommando der Wehrmacht" = "High Command of the Armed Forces"; "'Kryptosam' is a proprietary form of stabilized tyrosine, developed by IG Farben as part of a research contract with OKW." 71; "OKW weapons procurement" 163; "Either a clerk at OKW fucked up, which is not unheard-of" 242; "a section of the General Staff that maintained OKW's liaison with industry. The IG's own liaison with OKW was handled by Vermittlungsstelle W" 630

Old Blood 'n' Guts
Nickname for General George S. Patton (1885-1945) who led the first U.S. troops in North Africa. The Anglo-American forces decisively defeated Rommel at the Battle of El Alamein in late 1942; "handed Rommel's ass to him in the desert" 287

Old Fools' Benevolent Association
621; "vote censures against the most troublesome under-70s" and of which Gustav accuses Säure of being a member

Ölsch, Etzel [German: "Attila"]
298; architect and disciple of Speer; his "deathwish" 300; 302; 411; See also Speer, Albert

Ombindi, Joseph
319; Herero: "pig"; of Hanover; leader of Empty Ones; 519; 673; 732

Omnopon, André
711; violist in Kazoo Quartet

Omuzire, Mieczislav
318; Herero: "shadow"; Schwarzkommando traveling with Enzian; head wound, 730, 731

665-67; all-male community of former homosexual Dora inmates "between the marsh and the Öder estuary"; "Lotta those fags still around, with baskets and 175 badges out on display. . ." 289; Chorale, 668

166; (oneiric - "dreamlike"); "Oneirine and Methoneirine. Variations reported by Laszlo Jamf in the ACS Journal" 348; intoxicant developed by Jamf--induces time modulation, 389; Greta's addiction to, 463-64; "Oneirine Jamf Imipolex A4. . ." 464; "That oneiric season" 475; Wimpe "dumping all of his Oneirine samples on a party of American tourists back in hilltop Transylvania" 684; mantic archetypes and the Pökler singularity, 702; "Oneirine hauntings show a definite narrative continuity, as clearly as, say, the average Reader's Digest article. [...] 'the dullest hallucinations known to psychopharmacology' [...] some radical though plausible violation of possibility" 703; See also dope; dreams/dreaming

327; Herero: "wild pig"; a member of the Schwarzkommando

Onion Room
687; where you get sent when "you don't know Shit from Shinola," according to Säure

Opels, Fritz von (1899-1971)
German automotive industrialist who took part in experiments with rocket propulsion for automobiles and aircraft. The world's first rocket-propelled car, the Opel-Rak 1 was developed, and tested by Opels himself, in 1928; "Amateur Fritz von Opels all over the place here" 380

Operation Backfire
272; British rocket-scavenging effort based in Cuxhaven [MAP]; 277; 526; 709; [More]

Operation Black Wing
"the Firm's latest mania" 34; demoralization scheme devised by DJ Myron Grunton who invented a black army of ex-colonials from South-West Africa (Südwest) in Germany who've formed a secret army known as Schwarzkommando; SHAEF arrangement, 74; Slothrop undergoing "light narcosis to help illuminate racial problems in his own country."--75; "now defunct" 276; 616

Ophir, Mme.
Ophir is a territory in the Old Testament of the Bible famed for its fine gold; Berliner creator of Blicero's "false cunt and merkin of sable [with] bright purple clitoris molded of [...] synthetic rubber and Mipolam" 95

Opposite, Ideas of the
See also Counterforce; Manicheans; Pavlov

Order of the Golden Dawn
747; "believe The Tower represents victory over splendor, and avenging force"

Orders of Being
"Two orders of being looking identical . . . But, but . . ." 202; "a noseless mask of the Other Order of Being, of Katje's being--the lifeless nonface" 222; "Here it is again, that identical-looking Other World" 225; "glimpses into another order of being, 239; "And what is the specific shape whose center of gravity is the Brennschluss Point? [...] It is most likely an interface between one order of things and another." 302

Orff, Carl (1895-1982)
237; German composer, born in Munich, best known for his cantata Carmina Burana (1937). In addition to his career as a composer, Orff developed an influential method of music education for children.

Orukambe, Andreas

325; Herero: "hartebeest" (a kind of antelope); with Enzian, 518; 562; in tap-dance number for Katje, 657-58

730; Herero: "steep"; Schwarzkommando who is killed; 732

Osmo-elektrische Schalterwerke
646; "developed by Siemens, is transmitting, in code, a damn fair approximation of Beeman's licorice flavor to the robot crab's brain"

Osmo, Lord Blatherard
14-16; occupied Novi Pazar desk at Foreign Office; pharynx once blocked by the Adenoid

647; light bulb manufacturing company in Berlin where Byron T.B. was "born"; 649; [www.osram.de]

76; Office of Strategic Services - U.S. (oss = bone); "moneyed Republicans behind" 77; 268

Ostarzneikunde GmbH
344: "a subsidiary of IG" for which Wimpe was head salesman

Otyiyumbu, Jan
638; Herero: "firebrand"; Schwarzkommando liaison man; Otyiyumbu Indeterminacy Relation, 700

oude genever
104; Dutch: "old gin"; aka, gin, invented in 1650 by Dr. Franciscus de La Boie (aka Dr. Sylvius), a Dutchman. He mixed oil of Juniper berries with grain alcohol, both of which have diuretic properties. He called his new medical concoction "genever" (French for "Juniper").

732; Herero: "bitterness"; member of Schwarzkommando

Ouspenskian nonsense
Russian philosopher P.D. Ouspensky was a disciple of George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff (c.1872-1949), the Greco-Armenian mystic and philosopher who founded an influential quasi-religious movement (Fusion guitarist Robert Fripp is a modern disciple of Gurdjieff's). Gurdjieff's asserted that human life as ordinarily lived is similar to sleep and, if one is willing to work to transcend the sleeping state, one could reach remarkably high levels of vitality and awareness. Ouspensky mediated Gurdjieff's teachings and Western readers; 77

315; Herero: "ant-bears"; "the poorest of the Hereros"; 323; Mondaugen lived with them in 1922 in the bush, 403;

Overbaby, Terence
151; St. Blaise's wingman; Eventyr held a seance to reach him

76; Office of War Information; "the new dealers of" 77

732; Herero: "sparks"; aka "Sparks", with Enzian

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