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==External Links==
==External Links==
* [http://www.randomhouse.co.uk/thomaspynchon/ Random House UK ATD Page]
* [http://www.hyperarts.com/pynchon/ ThomasPynchon.com]
* [http://www.hyperarts.com/pynchon/ ThomasPynchon.com]
* [http://www.themodernword.com/pynchon/ The Modern Word Pynchon page]
* [http://www.themodernword.com/pynchon/ The Modern Word Pynchon page]
: [http://www.themodernword.com/pynchon/countingdown.html The Modern Word: counting down to ATD]
: [http://www.themodernword.com/pynchon/pynchon_gr.html The Modern Word: Gravity's Rainbow]
: [http://z11.invisionfree.com/thefictionalwoods/index.php The Fictional Woods] - a Pynchon forum
: [http://z11.invisionfree.com/thefictionalwoods/index.php The Fictional Woods] - a Pynchon forum
: [http://www.themodernword.com/pynchon/zak_smith/title.htm Zak Smith's Illustrations for Each Page of Gravity's Rainbow]
* [http://pynchonoid.blogspot.com/ Pynchonoid Blog]
* [http://pynchonoid.blogspot.com/ Pynchonoid Blog]
* [http://www.sporadikos-logos.org/against-the-day/ ATD Blog]
* [http://www.pynchon.pomona.edu/gr/index.html Pomona Gravity's Rainbow page]
* [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Against_the_Day Wikipedia ATD page]
* [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gravity's_Rainbow Wikipedia Gravity's Rainbow page]
* Penguin Group AtD Page (Hmmm. There isn't one...)
==Featured Article==
==Featured Article==

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Welcome to the Gravity's Rainbow Wiki

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Order Gravity's Rainbow

This is the newly created Wiki for Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow, which will eventually expand to include the guides to Pynchon's other "big" novels, V. and Mason & Dixon, currently hosted at ThomasPynchon.com, as well as Vineland, The Crying of Lot 49 and Slow Learner, so that registered users of this wiki can create pages and make changes for those novels' guides.

You can take a look at Gravity's Rainbow covers, read the reviews, or entertain some theories on the source of the title.

How to Use this Wiki

There are two major ways to use this wiki. The first is the Gravity's Rainbow Alphabetical Index, used to keep track of the myriad characters, real and imagined, as well as events, arcana, and lots of other stuff. The second is the Spoiler-Free Annotations by Page, which allows the reader to look up and contribute allusions and references while reading the book, in a convenient and spoiler-free manner. These two sections are so far almost entirely different, but we're working on integrating them.

Apart from those, it's up to you!

Alphabetical Index

Information on the characters, events, and everything else in Gravity's Rainbow, organized alphabetically:
Gravity's Rainbow Alpha Guide
A·B·C·D·E·F·G·H·I·J·K·L·M·N·O·P·Q·R·S·T·U·V·W·XYZ top of page

Page by Page Annotations

Beyond the Zero

3-7, 7-16, 17-19, 20-29, 29-37, 37-42, 42-47, 47-53, 53-60, 60-71, 71-72, 72-83, 83-92, 92-113, 114-120, 120-136, 136-144, 145-154, 154-167, 167-174, 174-177

Un Perm' au Casino Herman Goering

181-189, 189-205, 205-226, 226-236, 236-244, 244-249, 249-269, 269-278

In the Zone

279-295, 295-314, 314-329, 329-336, 336-359, 359-371, 371-383, 383-390, 390-392, 392-397, 397-433, 433-447, 448-456, 457-468, 468-472, 473-482, 482-488, 488-491, 492-505, 505-518, 518-525, 525-532, 532-536, 537-548, 549-557, 557-563, 563-566, 567-577, 577-580, 580-591, 591-610, 610-616

The Counterforce

617-626, 626-640, 640-655, 656-663, 663-673, 674-700, 700-706, 706-717, 717-724, 724-733, 733-735, 735-760

Pynchon Wiki Help and Contributor Guidelines

Click here for help with editing and creating pages.

We have a few conventions we ask that you follow:

  • When creating a new page, if its information pertains to one (and only one) specific Pynchon novel, please categorize it with the appropriate identifier. For example, a page pertaining to Gravity's Rainbow, should use the syntax [[Category:GR]].
  • To open a discussion on an individual listing of the Alpha Index, create one using the entry on Peter Tait as an example. Basically, give it a name that identifies the alpha listing (eg [[Name Discussion|DISCUSSION]]) and notice that the visible name will be "DISCUSSION" in full caps, so it stands out a bit.

External Links

The Modern Word: Gravity's Rainbow
The Fictional Woods - a Pynchon forum
Zak Smith's Illustrations for Each Page of Gravity's Rainbow

Featured Article

Tesla's Wardenclyffe laboratory

Was the Tunguska Event Caused by Tesla's Death Ray?
Given that Tesla's inventions generally possessed an element of social conscience, of doing good for humanity, it may seem surprising that he created a number of devices with military applications. And the notion of the Tesla harnessing his mind for purposes of war may seem immensely frightening. After all, this is the man who boasted that with his resonance generator he could split the earth in two... and no one was ever quite sure whether he was joking.

( more...)


Below are some of the images you will find on Pynchon Wiki.

We will be providing more support for using this wiki in the coming weeks. Feel free to contact us (admin at pynchonwiki dot com) with any questions.

Thanks, and enjoy...

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