British Military Intelligence

At the time British Military Intelligence was reorganized, in 1905, it included MI-5, counter-espionage, and MI-6, military espionage. In another reorganization in 1939, MI-6 was transformed into the Special Intelligence Service (SIS), with the Foreign Office. SIS's Section D specialized in sabotage and subversion. The SIS and Section D were complemented by Military Intelligence Research (MIR) within the War Office.

In 1940, MIR and Section D were combined with the War Office to form the Special Operations Executive (SOE). A "black" (sub rosa) propaganda section of SOE, created by the Foreign Office and named "Electra House," was attached to the SOE in 1940 to become the Political Warfare Executive (PWE), charged with political and psychological warfare.

In August 1941, the PWE began a series of "black" broadcasts to Germany, consisting of detailed intelligence about the German army as well as lurid tales of German army and Nazi Party leaders. Interesting that in Gravity's Rainbow, the "black" broadcasts are about black rocket troops in Germany.

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