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'''Icy Noctiluca'''<br />
'''Icy Noctiluca'''<br />
143; flares; 311
143; the original name given to phosphorus by its discoverer, Hennig Brand in 1669, and used in the title of a booklet by Robert Boyle, a milestone in the history of chemistry; 311
'''IG Chemie'''<br />
'''IG Chemie'''<br />

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11; county in NE Romania and also the capital city of that county, bordering Russia. During WWII, the city's Jewish population was massacred by the Germans. See also Codreanu

384; Argentinian contact in Zürich

I Ching
Youthful Folly, 13 (the Anglo-name for Hexagram 4 (Meng) in the Wilhelm/Baynes translation); 746; "I Ching feet"; See also Fu's Folly

See Komical Kamikazes

35; Imperial Chemical Industries, aka "Icy Eye"; an English company of which IG Farben gained a controlling share; Clive Mossmoon works there doing polymer research; Clive Mossmoon at, 228; 248; agreement with Shell Oil, 250; and Josef Schleim, 630; "has cartel arrangements with Farben" 712

Ick Regis Abbey
73; located near the White Visitation in Ick Regis; "its roof long ago taken at the manic whim of Henry VIII"; 138

Icy Noctiluca
143; the original name given to phosphorus by its discoverer, Hennig Brand in 1669, and used in the title of a booklet by Robert Boyle, a milestone in the history of chemistry; 311

IG Chemie
250; German "cover company" set up in Switzerland and later reconstituted as Psychochemie AG; 630

Richard Sasuly's IG Farben History

See Pökler, Ilse

Imipolex G

242; used as insulation for rocket; a new plastic, aromatic heterocyclic polymer, developed by in 1939. . .by one L. Jamf for IG Farben" 249; details, 249-50; "the company albatross" 261; "a fat file on" 283; "what's haunting [Slothrop] now will prove to be the smell of Imipolex G" 286; "a white knight, molded out of plastic" 436; "Oneirine Jamf Imipolex A4" 464; skinsuit at The Castle, 487; "This is Imipolex, the material of the future." 488; Imipolectique, 490; aromatic polyimide, 576; characteristics of, 699; shroud of, 751; "the Imipolex shroud. Flotsam from his childhood are rising through his attention" 754; See also aromatic rings;

Contributed by Peter Morris:

The name Imipolex, in addition to being a pun (imitation pole), obviously stems from a combination of "imido" with a near-reversal of "explode", possibly in analogy with Igelit (IG Farben's PVC) and Igamid (IG Farben's nylon resin). IG Farben's polymers often had alphabetical suffixes (Buna S, Igelit G, Igamid A).

Also, in 2009 director Alex Ross Perry showed his film Impolex, an homage (sort of) to Gravity's Rainbow, at CineVegas 2009. Characters are Tyrone S. and Katje, and so forth.

"[Pirate's] skull feels made of metal." 5; "You will come to understand that between the two points, in the five minutes, [the rocket] lives an entire life." 209; "we're all such mechanical men. Doing our jobs. That's all we are." 216; Cybernetic Tradition, 238; robobopsters, 260; doll with human hair, 282; "orangutan on wheels [...] followed by a tiny black crow [...] also on wheels" 282; Articles of Immachination, 297; Rocket Limericks, 305 07, 311; "Tchitcherine, who is more metal than anything else. Steel teeth wink as he talks. Under his pompadour is a silver plate. Gold wirework threads in three-dimensional tattoo among the fine wreckage of cartilage and bone inside his right knee joint" 337; "Pökler was an extension of the Rocket, long before it was ever built" 402; "'move beyond life, toward the inorganic'" 580; "Bicycle riders ratcheted by, skeleton functional as their machines" 611;"His guide is a kind of squat robot, dark gray plastic with rolling headlamp eyes." 645; "French refugee kid, funny haircut with the ears perfectly outlined in hair that starts abruptly a quarter-inch strip of bare plastic skin away" 675; "Marcel, a mechanical chessplayer [with] exquisite 19th-century brainwork" 675; "Maybe there is a Machine to take us away, take us completely, suck us out through the electrodes out of the skull 'n' into the Machine and live there forever with all the other souls it's got stored there." 699; "a think matrix of wires, forming a rather close-set coordinate system over the Imipolectic Surface, whereby erectile and other commands could be sent to an area quite specific" 699-700; "What has actually grown itself a skin of Imipolex G" 700; "army surgeons and dentists will bond and hammer patent steel for life into [Tchitcherine's] suffering flesh [...] his initiation into the bodyhood of steel" 702; Stefan Utgarthaloki: "suave metal husband" 716;"this most immachinate of techniques, the Rocket" 728; "The golden hairs on his back, alloyed German gold" 750; "The two, boy and Rocket, concurrently designed. Its steel hindquarters bent so beautifully" 750-51; [Lang's Metropolis]; See also [[K#katspiel|Katspiel; Marcel the Mechanical Chessplayer at Floundering Four; Plasticman; ratchet; Rocketman

The German ace Max Immelmann developed what became known as the Immelmann turn, in which an attacking fighter dove past the enemy plane, pulled sharply up into a vertical climb until it was above the target again, then turned hard to the side and down so that it could dive a second time; 619

Imperial style
554; how William Slothrop headed west from Boston in 1634 or -5

183; prints in D Wing of White Visitation, 231;

Industrial Age
Following the first Industrial Revolution in the latter half of the 18th century which was marked by, among other things, the large-scale production of iron;172

Inflation, the
284; 578; Stinnes "behind the scenes of apparent Inflation" 579; [Sasuly's IG Farben]

Information, Mr.
644-45; and Skippy

"Slowly then, a revelation through the nacreous film of his seed, comes a message" 72; "a legend to be deciphered by lords of the winter" 73; "conversion factor between information and lives" 105; "a net of information" 165; "the only real medium of exchange" 258; mixed-up messages: "how'd you like to get fixed up with a big oilman tonight?" 243; "the sly hare who nests in the moon brought death among men, instead of the Moon's true message" 322; "Another lost message" 323; "the pure, the informationless state of signal zero" 404; "their power now lay. . .in information and expertise" 427; "travelers lost at the edge of the Evening. Come with a message" 435; "Saves you trouble later if you "The Mothers. . .exchange information" 505; "Maybe they're not dots. . .maybe they're dashes." 515; "we are not to be spared the ancient tragedy of lost messages" 520; "they don't want my information" 522; "[Katje] knows a message when she sees it. [...] It is a message, in code" 535; "a coming-together of opposites that signaled then his own approach to the Kirghiz Light. What does it signal this time?" 610-11; "what he was really drawing was the A4 rocket" 624; "no serial time over there: events are all there in the same eternal moment and so certain message don't always 'make sense' back here: they lack historical structure" 624; "Roger's shins are not set up for this kind of information" 632; "a face of metal" 635; "Is there information for us?" 642; Mr. Information, 644-45; "the War is keeping things alive. Things." 645; "it's only" 650; A Nickel Saved, 664; "The text of each issue of the magazine. . .yields many interesting messages" 665; messages, 666; "Hey man gimme some skin, man!" 675; message in cigarette pack, 680-81; Khlaetsch's cries for help, 683-84; "diversionary nuisance. . .or Decadent Aristocracy" 698; messages to Geli about Tchicherine, 719; can get the Texts straight as soon as they're spoken." 729; Henryk: "He's called 'the Hare' because he can never get messages right" 730; See also entropy

See also Pigs


"'It's control. All these things arise from one difficulty: control. For the first time it was inside, do you see. The control is put inside. No more need to suffer passively under 'outside forces'--to veer into any wind. [...] A market needed no longer be run by the Invisible Hand, but now could create itself--its own logic, momentum, style, from inside.'" 30; "the hovering statistical cherub who's never quite been to hell but speaks as if he's one of the most fallen" 57; "Inside and outside remain just as they were, but the interface [...] is changing" 78-79; "she fears the Change, choosing instead only trivially to revise what matters least, ornament and clothing, going no further than politic transvestism" 97; "Spectro did not differentiate as much as [Pointsman] between Outside and Inside" 141; "Outer Radiance" 148, 150; "allowing her beauty: to enter him or avoid him" 149; "he hasn't the nerve to reach in" 150; "'how far into one "far enough" really is'" 272; "daring him to enter and find a secret he cannot survive" 285; "as travel in the Interior becomes more common" 321; "located in time and space always just to miss grandeur, only to be in its vacuum" 324; "In and out of all the vibrant flesh moves the mad scavenger Tchitcherine" 337; "inside is outside" 373; Trudi crawling inside Slothrop's nose/skull, 439; Slothrop "inside his own cock" 470; "each lash, a little further in...till someday [...] she will have that first glimpse of it" 509; "[Tchitcherine] always to be held at the edges of revelations [...] his only illumination [at the Kirghiz Light] was that fear would always keep him from going all the way in" 566; "So far and no farther, is that it? You call that living?" 598; Pan: "Come in. . .forget them. Come in here" 656; "You don't have to come into this any further than locating Slothrop" 662; "How long can I get away with easy work, cheap exits? Shouldn't I be going all the way in?" 662; "Maximilian's doom is never to go any further into danger than its dapperness, its skin-exciting first feel" 676; Outside and Inside interpiercing one another too fast, too finely labyrinthine, for either category to have much hegemony anymore" 681; Oneirine-induced paranoia can be "a route In for those like Tchitcherine who are held at the edge...." 703; "Inner Voices" 711; "Outer Voices" 712; "the shrieking-outward, into the stone resonance, where there is no good or evil" 720; "Have you ever waited for it? wondering whether it will come from outside or inside?" 720; See also interface; mirrors

Institute Rabe
516; Närrisch "could've gone east with the"


See also delta-t; edges; fingernails; mirrors; naming; Zone

International Brigades
International Brigades were groups of foreign volunteers who fought on the Republican side against the Nationalist forces during the Spanish Civil War (1936-39). So called because their members initially came from some 50 countries. The International Brigades were recruited, organized, and directed by the Comintern (Communist International) headquarted in Paris; 605

544; someone Pirate "had to betray" "in the course of business for the Firm" (recalled at Double Agent Convention)

I Promessi Sposi
386; "politicians in 19th-century Italy" used to quote from; I Promessi Sposi (in English, The Betrothed) is an Italian historical novel by Alessandro Manzoni. It is the most famous and widely read novel of the Italian language. Wikipedia entry


iron queen
3; perhaps an iron (usually brass & iron) queen-sized bed


"star-blotting Moslem angels" 341; "He's a blasphemer. Islam has its own machineries for that. Angels and sanctions" 355; "Allah has smiled on us" 365; "functions of Moslem angels" 705; See also Koran

299: sfacim-a: from "sfaciàre" = to dismantle

Tony Assenza graciously supplied the following regarding "sfacim":

Having been called a "sfacim" by my uncles and other relatives more than a few times in my life, I believe your reference might require more elaboration. In its original form, "sfacim" is Neapolitan slang for semen — equivalent to US slang such as spunk or gism. However, it's also widely used as a term of endearment, as in "Hey, sfacim. Come over here and give your grandmother a kiss before I break your face." The closest US slang term would be "spunky." It's a term that someone living on Long Island or Upstate New York would probably hear a lot in Italian-American neighborhoods. One would pronounce it "SFA CHEEM."

711: Cantabile e mesto: (musical performance instruction) very slow, melodious and sad

246; at de la Perlimpinpin party; 261; The name is most likely a nod to Italo Calvino, Italian writer of fiction/fantasy.

Iwo Jima
Island that is part of the Volcano Islands archipelago, Japan. Under Japanese control until early in 1945, it became the scene of a fierce battle between Japanese and invading U.S. troops during the last phases of World War II. After nearly a month of fighting, it was finally captured by the United States; 690

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