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"Kryptosam" is a proprietary form of stabilized tyrosine, developed by IG Farben as part of a research contract with OKW" 71

Wimpe the IG-man who happened to be holding the Hieropon keying on Sargner, a civilian attached to General Staff," 152

"The big scandal around IG Farben this week is the unlucky subsidiary Spottbilligfilm AG, whose entire management are about to be purged for sending to OKW weapons procurement a design proposal for a new airborne ray which could turn whole populations, inside a ten-kilometer radius, stone blind. An IG review board caught the scheme in time. Poor Spottbilligfilm. It had slipped their collective mind what such a weapon would do to the dye market after the next war." 163

"another comical German euphemism, like [...] IG itself, Interessengemeinschaft, a fellowship of interests"164

Generaldirektor Smaragd, of an IG branch" 164

"Tyrian purple, alizarin and indigo, other coal-tar dyes are here, but the important one is mauve. William Perkin discovered it in England, but he was trained by Hofmann, who was trained by Liebig. There is a succession involved. If it is karmic it's only in a very limited sense..." 166

"'But polymerizing is not resurrection. I mean your IG, Generaldirektor.'" 166

"a gold benzene ring with a formée cross in the center--the IG Farben Award for Meritorious Contributions to Synthetics Research" 243

"Michele, who's been fondling his IG Farben trinket" 245

"an aromatic heterocyclic polymer, developed in 1939, years before its time, by one L. Jamf for IG Farben." 249

Psychochemie AG, IG Chemie, Shell Oil, ICI and IG, 250

"In the early '20s, Sandoz, Ciba, and Geigy had got together in a Swiss chemical cartel." 250

"the octopus IG" 284

" I've been sold to IG Farben like a side of beef." 286

"[Tchitcherine's] connection with the legendary Wimpe, the head salesman for Ostarzneikunde GmbH, a subsidiary of the IG. Because it is common knowledge that IG representatives abroad are actually German spies, reporting back to an office in Berlin known as 'NW7,'" 344

"even an IG may be allowed to dream, to hope against hope" 348

"sinister connections of blood and of wintering at Punta del Este, through Anilinas Alemanas, the IG branch in Buenos Aires, on through Spottbilligfilm AG in Berlin (another IG outlet)" 387

"the great Dream that revolutionized chemistry and made the IG possible." 410

"Why shouldn't the IG go to sé&ances? They ought to be quite at home with the bureaucracies of the other side." 410-11

"find new methods of synthesis, so there would be a German dye industry to become the IG" 412

"a medal of honor from IG Farben" 413

" You only wanted to sell me to the IG. You sold me out." 444

"if what the IG built on this site were not at all the final shape of it, but only an arrangement of fetishes" 520

"Pavel's sniffing synthetic gasoline on the side of the lampless beige hill [...] one of the IG's happiest customers" 524

"And an IG man, too. Didn't Carl Schmitz of the IG sit on Siemens's board of directors?" 565

"I used t'think I. G. Farben was somebody's name, you know, a fella--hello, this I. G. Farben? No, this is his wife, Mizzus Farben!" 565

"Is your IG to be the very model of nations?" 566

"IG Raketen. Circus-bright, poster reds and yellows, rings beyond counting, all going at once." 566

"getting Weimar to subsidize the IG's Stickstoff Syndikat" 580

"IG bought back 50% of American Glitherius from Bland" 582

"Nearly ten years after the original deal was closed, IG Farben is still finding it easier to subcontract the surveillance of young Tyrone back to Lyle Bland." 587

"members of an astral IG" 589-90

"Josef Schleim, a defector of secondary brilliance, who had once worked for the IG out of Dr. Reithinger's office, VOWI--the Statistical Department of NW7. There Schleim had been assigned to the American desk, gathering for the IG economic intelligence," 630

intelligence operations, 630

"'IG Farben had Slothrop under surveillance? Before the War?'" 631

"hogsheads of IG Farben pink and blue Baby Dye" 647

"Wimpe, an up and-coming IG salesman covering the Eastern Territory" 684

"Wimpe, longago IG Farben V-Mann" 701

"a window of artificial sapphire, four inches across, grown by the IG in 1942 as a mushroom-shaped boule," 751

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