Being a Pynchon-reading veteran yet a computer novice, cyber neophyte and InterNet late-starter, I first came across this truly indispensable WebSite in the autumn of 1998 and have appreciated its fabulous value to the Pynchon community ever since. Trying to adhere to the spirit in which Tim Ware created this Site — the "ever-expanding!" — I have sporadically sent textual additions, relevant jpgs and a few German-language corrections since the turn of the Millennium. As those of you who have sent Tim additions, findings, etc. know, such contributions are always gratefully welcomed with a quick response, often a "kute komment" too!

Looking for themes for the upcoming International Thomas Pynchon Conference on Malta in June 2004 on the rare celestial occasion of the cyclic return of the "Transit of Venus," I decided to reread the novels of Thomas Pynchon focusing and concentrating my attention on the word "LOVE." Mythologically, astrologically, and by Pynchon himself, Venus is after all referred to as "The Goddess of Love."

I had noticed that the word/term LOVE was not included on the Index of V., GR, and M&D so that "ever-expanding" spirit struck me once again and I decided to mark the word LOVE in all its variations I could find in Pynchon's novels, starting with GR. As my other editions were so full of multi-colored markings, I bought a fresh copy (my fourth) and with an orange marking pen noted the word and its variations (lovely, lovable, loving, amiable, amore, Liebe, Liebling, Liebchen, etc.) as often as I could. Cover-to-cover it took two months to compile this list which I did do in "love."

In some points I do admit to certain exaggerations, but being only human I most certainly overlooked, missed, or left out some entries — thus this list is definitely incomplete. In the ever-expanding spirit of this Site, I too would gratefully welcome further additions, corrections, omissions and other contributions.

May this list be of some personal use to Pynchon scholars, fans, enthusiasts, or just those curious...

Douglas Kløvedal Lannark

Copenhagen/Berlin, 2003


Less than five minutes Hague to here (the time it takes for light from the sun to reach the planet of love . . . no time at all). [time of Rocket to target equals Sun to Venus] p.7

a Messiah no one has quite recognized yet, and to know, as your eyes meet, that you are his John the Baptist, his Nathan of Gaza, that it is you who must convince him of his Godhead, proclaim him to others, love him both profanely and in the Name of what he is . . . p.14

"I know there is wilde love and joy enough in the world, as there are wilde Thyme, and other herbs; but we would have garden love, and garden joy, of Gods owne planting." [Thomas Hooker poem: referring to Slothrop's women, a prevalence of love-in-idleness] p.22

While the great Loom of God works in darkness above, and our trials here below are but threads of His love. [verse on gravestone of Mrs. Elizabeth Slothrop, 1812] p.27

Pirate wants Their trust, the good-whiskey-and-cured-Latakia scent of Their rough love. [Pirate towards the S.O.E.] p.33

He is suddenly , dodderer and ass, taken by an ache in his skin, a simple love for them both that asks nothing but their safety, [...]—"concern," you know, "fondness. . . ." [reminding him of his own situation, Pirate's feelings towards Roger & Jessica] p.35

In 1936, Pirate was in love with an executive's wife. [Pirate & Scorpia Mossmoon] p.35

She found him touching in his ignorance of everything—partying, love, money—felt worldly and desperately caring for this moment of boyhood. [Scorpia towards Pirate] p.36

You've raped me. And I'm the Red Bitch of the High Seas. A lovely game. [Scorpia] p.36

hours of fucking, too in love with it to uncouple [Pirate & Scorpia Mossmoon] p.36

They want to be together, in bed, at rest, in love [Roger Mexico and Jessica Swanlake] p.37

"and I don't know why Pointsman does anything he does, he's a Pavlovian, love." [Roger to Jessica] p.37

"well who's that make purer than whom these days, eh mylove?" [Roger & Jessica] p.38

"Here love, [...], it's not backstage at the old Windmill or something, you know. Come along, love, you're holding up the mission." [Roger & Jessica] p.39

That, indeed, the Home Front is something of a fiction and lie, designed, not too subtly, to draw them apart, to subvert love in favor of work, abstraction, required pain, bitter death. [Roger & Jessica] p.41

They are in love. Fuck the war. [Roger Mexico and Jessica Swanlake] p.42

"Ring a bell now and then. Exciting world of the laboratory, you'll love it." [RM to dog] p.44

"—you weaken this idea of the opposite, and here all at once is the paranoid patient who would be master, yet now feels himself a slave . . . who would be loved, but suffers his world's indifference" [Pointsman to Spectro] p.48

Those drab undershorts of his are full to bursting with need humorlessly, worldly to use their innocence, to write on them new words of himself, his own brown Realpolitik dreams, some psychic prostrate ever in aching love promised, ah hinted but till now . . . [Pointsman] p.50

"Why am I surrounded by statistical illiterates? There's no way, love, not as long as the mean density is constant. Pointsman doesn't even understand that." [Roger & Jessica] p.54

"Sometimes . . ." but what does she want to say? That he must always be lovable, in need of her and never, as now, the hovering statistician cherub. [Jessica to herself] p.57

"Assign everyone a Bitterness Quotient! lovely — up before the Evaluation Board, so many points earned for being Jewish, in a concentration camp, missing limbs or vital organs, losing a wife, a lover, a close friend—" [Jessica to Roger on Pirate] p.57

Oh, Edward VIII abdicated. He fell in love with— [Roger & Jessica] p.59

No one here can love or comprehend me, They just look for someplace else to send . . . me . . . [line in a song heard by Slothrop while under Sodium Amytal] p.61

"I'll leave him. We'll come here and live. We'll never stop making love. I belong to you, I've known that for a long time. . . . [S.O.E. SM-like woman to Pirate before masturbating] p.72

"Germany once treated its Africans like a stern but loving stepfather, chastising them when necessary, often with death." [Myron Grunton, Operation Blackwing] p.74

the stolen dogs sleep, scratch, recall shadowy smells of humans who may have loved them [dogs in the White Visitation] p.78

well but this is just the doubtful sort of joke that Brigadier Pudding loves to play: [Gourd Surprise recipes] p.80

"Rosie, are there scales for measuring impersonal traits? [...] Human values? Trust, honesty, love? [Rvd. Dr. Paul de la Nuit to Dr. Géza Rózavölgyi on "testing"] p.81

"Want the Change," Rilke said, "O be inspired by the Flame." [...] not to love because it was no longer possible to act . . . but to be helplessly in a condition of love. . . . [Rilke] p.97

Of all Rilke's poetry it's this Tenth Elegy he most loves [Weissmann] p.98

The Herero boy, [...] now tried to cage his old gods, snare them in words, give them away, savage, paralyzed, to this scholarly white who seemed so in love with language. [Gottfried and Weissmann] p.99

"Liebchen, this is the other half of the earth. In Germany you would be yellow and blue." [Weissmann and Enzian in Südwest] p.101

there are rumors—she's with the Underground, she's in love with a Stuka pilot . . . But she must be in love with Captain Blicero too. [Katje in Wassenaar] p.102

usually when he wants to fuck her and through some ingenuity of the Captain cannot—at such times he thinks he loves her desperately. [Gottfried and Katje]. p.104

—a late bloomer, a neutral man goaded finally past his threshold, but she loved him before that . . . she must have. . . . [Wim and Katje] p.105

They were kids, neurotic, lonely, pilots and crews they all loved to talk, and she'd feed back who knows how many reams' worth of Most Secret flimsies [Katje] p.105

it hasn't the grand Garage Simplicity or the rate of fire and still he loves it (yes, most likely it's love these days). [Pirate and his Mendoza pistol] p.107

ic heb u liever dan ên everswîn, al waert van finen goude ghewracht, love incommensurate with gold, golden calf, even in this case golden swine. [Katje's ancestors song] p.108

"It's me love . . ." [Darlene meeting Slothrop in the East End] p.115

"Tyrone help me reach down that—no next to it, the tall jar, thank you love" [Darlene with Slothrop in Mrs. Quoad's kitchen] p.116

"Don't you know there's a war on? Here now love, open your mouth." [Darlene feeding Slothrop Mrs. Quoad's candy collection during the Disgusting English Candy Drill] p.118

it is love, it is amazing. Even when she isn't there, after a dream, at a face in the street that might against chance be Jessica's, Roger can never control it, he's in its grasp. [RM] p.121

"Uh, Jessie, please get dressed, um, would you love?" [Roger & Jessica in a Car] p.123

The images go, flowering, in and out, some lovely, some just awful . . . but she's snuggled in here with her lamb, her Roger, and how she loves the line of his neck [Jessica & Roger] p.123

What if, if she'd died in the night, an accident at the magazines . . . with this hair the only good-bye her ghostly love had been able to push back through to this side, to the only one who'd ever mattered. [Roger's fantasy about Jessica's death] p.124

But he wanted to believe it too, the same way he loved her, past all words—believe that no matter how hard the time, nothing was fixed, everything could be changed and she could always deny the dark sea at his back, love it away. [Roger towards Jessica] p.126

When she's with Roger it's all love, but at any distance—any at all Jack—she finds him depressive and even frightens her. Why? On top of him [...] there's only room for Roger, Roger, oh love to the end of breath. [Jessica towards Roger] p.126

He was bringing brown girls to sashay among these nervous Protestants, down the ancient paths the music had set, [...] Plongette who loves it between her tits and will do it that way for free. [Jamaican corporal singing in church] p.129

—bed-going complaints, timid announcements of love [children brushing their teeth] p.130

the War has shunted them, earthed them, these headless destroying signals of love. p.133

Leave your war awhile, paper or iron war, petrol or flesh, come in with your love. p.134

—something to raise the possibility of another night that could actually, with love and cockcrows, light the path home, banish the Adversary, . . . p.135

They would deny him even the little perversity of being in love with his death. . . . p.143

then stepping in herself, an instinctive, a motherly way, her way with anyone she loved.

[Nora Dodson-Truck and the "Medium" Carroll Eventyr] p.145

Can he have loved her for nearly a decade? [Carroll Eventyr and Nora Dodson-Truck] p.149

if she does love him: if all her words, this decade of rooms and conversaions meant anything . . . if she loves him and still will deny him, on the short end of 5-to-2 deny his gift, deny what's distributed in his every cell . . . then . .. . If she loves him. [Nora/Carroll] p.149-50

They tell, in some detail, of his obsessive love for Leni Pökler, [...] a husband she didn't love, a child she had not learned to escape feeling guilty for not loving enough. [Transcripts on the psychic "Control" Peter Sachsa and Leni Pökler] p.153-54

an army of lovers can be beaten [Slogan on Berlin walls in the Red districts] p.155

look at the forms of capitalist expression. Pornographies: pornographies of love, erotic love, Christian love [Vanya on the revolution-in-exile-in residence] p.155

"I know there's coming together," is all she says. Though they have never made love she means it as a reproach. [Rebecca and Rudi] p.155

All around them the others splashed, made love [Leni reflecting on Richard Hirsch] p.157

she knows, filled with crying for his innocence, that French girls still are to him beautiful and remote agents of love. [...] Without touching, Richard and she have fallen in love, as they should have then. [Leni reflecting on Richard Hirsch] p.157

True joy: events in a dialectical process cannot bring this explosion of the heart. Everyone is in love. . . . [Fickt es, students in a Berlin Studentenheim] p.158

Franz loved films but this was how he watched them, nodding in and out of sleep. [Pökler at the movies] p.159

Franz loved her neurotically, masochistically, he belonged to her and believed that she would carry him on her back, away to a place where Destiny couldn't reach. [Franz on Leni] p.162

—for he loves to practice the bass part to "Diadem" as the Flying Fortresses take off at full power, [...] who was the man with the lovely deep voice... [Thomas Gwenhidwy] p.169

and returned now as not the man she knew, but only the shell—with the soft meaty slug of soul that smiles and loves, [...] than a father who still hasn't died yet, a man you love and have to watch it happening to. [Jessica's niece Penelope haunted by her dead father Keith] p.176

he [Beaver/Jeremy] is every assertion the fucking War has ever made — that we are meant for work and government, for austerity: and these shall take priority over love, dreams, the spirit, the senses and the other second-class trivia that are found among the idle and mindless hours of the day. . . . [Roger Mexico's counterpart] p.177

She is his deepest innocence in spaces of bough and hay before wishes were given a separate name to warn them that they may not come true, [...] all that is too easy, for his impoverishment and more worthy love. [Roger's fantasy of Jessica] p.177

How can we tell, What can we see? love works its spell in hiding, Quite past our own deciding . . . So who's to say, If joyful love is just beginning, Or if it is day Just turned to night, as Earth went spinning [Song (Fox-Trot): Too Soon to Know] p.196

an innocence, maybe a try at being friendly in the only way he has available, sharing what engages and runs him, a love for the Word. [Sir Stephen Dodson-Truck] p.207

Hasn't he, in her "futureless look," found some link to his own past, something that connects them closely as lovers? [Slothrop sensing what Katje might know] p.209

It was the next-to-last step London took before her submission, [...] latent in this love she shares with the night-going rake Lord Death. [Katje and the watchmen of world's edge] p.215

"Listen Slothrop, your girl, your Katje, sh-she's very lovely, you know." [Sir Stephen Dodson-Truck confessing to Slothrop] p.216

if Eventyr does, somehow, map on to Peter Sachsa, then does Nora Dodson-Truck become the woman Sachsa loved, Leni Pökler? [Spiritualistic medium inter-relationships] p.218

Either we didn't mean to lose her—either it was an ellipsis in our care, in what some of us even will swear is our love, or someone has taken her [Leni and Peter Sachsa] p.218

in love that can even make the oppression seem a failure, so too love, here in the street, can be taken centrifugally apart again: faces seen for the last time here, words spoken idly, over your shoulder, taken for granted she's there, already last words— [Leni and Peter Sachsa] p.219

his forgetting, going around in some adolescent confusion, hopelessly in love too by now with the little girl, Ilse. [Peter Sachsa and Leni's child] p.219

"But I love you . . . " [...] "You don't have to be anything you aren't, Peter. I wouldn't be here if I didn't love who you are. . . . " was she the death of him? In his view from the other side, no. In love, words can be taken too many ways [Leni and Peter Sachsa] p.220

[he] won't ever, in fact, be given enough time to gather a revolutionary heart from the bleak comradely love of the others [Peter Sachsa's death] p.220

—for ten extraordinary seconds there's nothing in his field but simple love for what he's seeing. [Slothrop waking up after Prince of Wales game with champagne hangover] p.221

But there's only her old residual bitterness again, and they are not, after all, to be lovers in parachutes of sunlit voile, lapsing gently, hand in hand, down to anything meadowed or calm. Surprised? [Slothrop and Katje's fate] p.222

. . . there were Germans, even SS troops, who called the rocket 'Der Pfau.' Ascending, programmed in a ritual of love . . . at Brennschluss it is done — the Rocket's purely feminine counterpart, the zero point at the center of its target, has submitted. [Rocket = Peacock] p.223

He feels the change. After making love she lies propped on an elbow watching him [Katje's last night with Slothrop. NOTE: she never called him Tyrone!] p.225

"Domina Nocturna . . . shining mother and last love . . . " [Ernest Pudding and Katje] p.232

He loves to hear her speak [Ernest Pudding and Katje/Domina Nocturna] p.233

A summer day, a day of love: [Ernest Pudding and Katje/Domina Nocturna] p.233

O, O, O, To-tus flore-o! Iam amore virginali Totus ardeo . . . [Carl Orff song] p.237

all this fortress coast alight, Portsmouth to Dungeness, blazing for the love of spring. p.237

Slothrop, poor sap, is remembering Katje, lost Katje, saying the name of her city, whispering Dutch love words [Slothrop (Esso man) with Shell Oil man Hilary Bounce on beach] p.240

Jool-yaaahh, No one could love you tru-lier [Julia (Fox-Trot)] p.245

he loves those shitkickers [Blodgett Waxwing and western movies] p.246-47

we all loved Oliver . . . [Major Theodore Bloat's eulogy in Tantivy's obituary] p.252

"Oh love I'm so glad I found you." [Jenny appearing in Slothrop's Nice Hotel dream] p.255

[Rossini's music is] love without payment of any kind. . . . p.274

What does Prentice want . . . what's his price? Is he in love with La Borgesius here? Is it possible for this woman to be in love? love? Oh, it's enough to make you scream. What would her idea of love be.. . . . [Pointsman's speculations on the Firm] p.274

"Eh?" Roger interrupted eying a lovely looks a bit like Rita Hayworth in a one-piece floral number with straps that X across her lean back [Mexico and Pointsman] p.274

for the coarse black hair, the tendons of need, of tragic love [Fay Wray & King Kong] p.275

"You know, he did love her, folks." [Mitchell Prettyplace on King Kong & Fay Wray] p.275

"'Here's yer ass, General.' 'Ach du lieber! Mein Arsch!" [Marvy on Rommel] p.287

love never goes away, Never completely dies, [...] love never goes away, Not if it's really true [sad little Parisian-sounding tune in 3/4] p.289-90

—he'll find thousands of arrangements, for warmth, love, food [Slothrop in the Zone] p.290

"Liebchen, would you mind feeding him?" Liebchen indeed. [Geli asking Slothrop to give her pet owl Wernher a candy bar] p.291

"He loves Tchitcherine." [Geli's owl Wernher] p.292

Thanks for stalling him, Liebchen, he was a spy, well, cheerio, I'm off to Peenemünde and a nubile Polish wench . . . [Slothrop's fantasy of Tchitcherine & Geli blasting him] p.293

There is that not-so-rare personality disorder known as Tannhäuserism. Some of us love to be taken under mountains [the long echoes of the Mittelwerke] p.299

Double integral is also the shape of lovers curled asleep [parabola SS variation] p.302

preserved by accident, in ways he can't help seeing, accident whose own much colder honesty each lover has only the other to protect him from. [Slothrop wishing to be with Katje] p.302

The status of the name you miss, love, and search for now has grown ambiguous and remote [badly blurred Zone categories, in this case "Ghosts"] p.303

They calculate no cycles, no returns, they are in love with the glamour of a whole people's suicide—the pose, the stoicism, the bravery. [The Empty Ones/Otukungurua] p.318

"no, no, perhaps you are only thinking of someone you loved, somewhere, long ago . . . back in the Südwest, eh?" [Josef Ombindi to Enzian] p.320

the sexual fetishes Christianity knows how to flash, to lure us in, meant to remind us of earliest infant love . . . can "Enzian" break their power? [the magic of Enzian's name] p.321

20 years ago, before Enzian could even speak his language he'd seen that: a love for the last explosion—the lifting and the scream that peaks past fear. [Enzian and Weissmann] p.324

Enzian has grown cold: not so much a fire dying away as a positive coming on of cold, a bitter taste growing across the palate of love's first hopes. It began when Weissmann brought him to Europe: a discovery that love, among these men, once past the simple feel and orgasming of it, had to do with masculine technologies, with contracts, with winning and losing. [Enzian] p.324

the Rocket was an entire system won, away from the feminine darkness, held against the entropies of lovable but scatterbrained Mother Nature: [Enzian's first obligation] p.324

Slothrop feels his heart, out of control, inflate with love and rise quick as a balloon. [Departure from Geli and forgetting to say aw quit being a sap] p.333

He is bound, in love and in bodily fear, to students who have died under the wheels of carriages, [...]. He envies their loneliness, their willingness to go it alone, outside even a military structure, often without support or love from anyone. [Vaslav's mortal State] p.338

But the perceptible hazards of love, of attachment, are still light enough for him to accept, when balanced against what he has to do. [Tchitcherine's network of Fräuleins] p.338

He will not come to love this sky or plain, these people, their animals. [Vsalav in Central Asia] p.339

But though the lovable old tyrant does what he can, Dzaqyp Qulan remains somehow as much a "native" as before [Stalin's policy towards the Soviet Nationalities] p.340

Her lovers ran from ministers down to the likes of Captain Tchitcherine, naturally her truest. [rumors of Tchitcherine and an amazing Soviet courtesan, horse-fucking Catherine] p.343

a young Dr. Maledetto whom the ladies love [passenger on a sleigh touring China] p.347

By the time he left, they had learned each other's names and a few words in the respective languages—afraid, happy, sleep, love [Tchitcherine's father and Enzian's mother] p.351

But someday, [...], like the young exiled women in their certain love, in their innocence of him, [...] he will hardly be able to remember it. [Tchitcherine and the Kirghiz Light] p.359

With Emulsion J he could dig beneath the skin colors of the contestants, dissolve back and forth between J and ordinary stock, like sliding in and out of focus, or wipe—how he loved wipes! [Gerhardt von Göll's film-making technique] p.387-88

He could have sung to the American songs his mother taught him, Kiev lullabies, starlight, lovers, white blossoms, nightingales . . . [Tchitcherine taking a liking to Slothrop] p.392

Dust has drifted into corners, and over the remains of other sets: phoney-gemütlich love nests [dilapidated film studio in Babelsberg] p.393

filling the movie screen—close-ups of her twisting face, nipples under the silk gown amazingly erect, making lies of her announcements of pain—bitch! she loves it. [ME/Alpdrücken] p.397

The vacuum of his life threatened to be broken in one strong inrush of love. [Franz/Ilse] p.407

So, to stand between him and this impossible return, he had his anger—to preserve him from love he couldn't really risk. [Franz and Ilse at Zwölfkinder] p.408

though he's amiable enough, keeps cracking jokes [maniac bus driver bent on suicide] p.412

joking, in his lovable-old-fart manner [Laszlo Jamf on his IG Farben gold formée cross] p.413

"Papi, they want me back. Maybe they'll let me see you again. I hope so. I love you. Ilse" [Ilse and Franz / Daughter & Father] p.414

As years passed, as they grew more nubile, would Pökler even come to fall in love with one— [Weissmann's available children] p.418

The only continuity has been her name, and Zwölfkinder, and Pökler's lovelove something like the persistence of vision [six years of Franz and Ilse at Zwölfkinder] p.422

he has listened and taken it to imply his own cycle of shuttered love, growing empty over the year for two weeks in August [Pökler and 20 seconds of supersonic flow] p.422

—and seen how his own face might be plotted, not in light but in net forces acting upon it from the flow of Reich and coercion and love it moved through [Pökler and the Rocket] p.422-23

Pökler understood, with relief and two seconds of actual love for his protector, that the game was still on. [Pökler and Weissmann] p.427

With Rossini, the whole point is that lovers always get together, isolation is overcome, and like it or not that is the one great centripetal movement of the World. Through the machineries of greed, pettiness, and the abuse of power, love occurs. All the shit is transmuted to gold. [Säure to Gustav on the difference between Beethoven and Rossini] p.440

"You will soon be in love" [Säure telling Gustav's future through papyromancy] p.442

"Why didn't you tell me? Pop, I loved him." [Slothrop's dream and FDR's death] p.444

how much she loved it [Margherita's excessive, bizarre sexual escapades] p.446

The creatures took their way/ Each to its proper love/ [life leaving Margherita's womb] p.447

There are mo-thers, with their lo-vers [up-tempo song: Welcome Aboard!] p.462

drinking absinthe out of a souvenir stein on which [...] bony and giggling Death is about to surprise two lovers in bed. [Miklos Thanatz meeting Slothrop on the Anubis] p.464

"And now, liebling," [Margherita and Bianca, playing stage mother and reluctant child] p.466

He knows. Right here, right now, under the make-up and fancy underwear, she exists, love, invisibility. [Slothrop and Bianca after sex] p.470

He creates a bureaucracy of departure, inoculations against forgetting, exit visas stamped with love-bites. [Slothrop leaving Bianca] p.470

you whose interdiction from her mother's water-white love is absolute, you, alone, saying sure I know them [shadow father of Bianca . . . and other Alpdrücken children] p.472

He has awakened that morning in a soft bed, he looks forward to an evening at a cabaret dancing to popular love songs [Ensign Morituri first visit to Bad Karma in 1939] p.477

She loved him most at these moments, just before sleep, her own dorsal side aflame, [...] She felt almost safe. [Margherita after Thanatz reading her whip-scars] p.484

The talk has drifted on into that kind of slack, nameful recapitulating that Slothrop's mother Nalline loved to float away on in the afternoons— [Slothrop, Närrisch & von Göll] p.499

But Gerhardt, she's in love with him— [Närrisch about Geli and Tchitcherine] p.500

That's so long ago he's forgotten its ending, the last Rilke-elegiac shot of weary Death leading the two lovers away hand in hand through the forget-me-nots. [Närrisch's last movie] p.516

They don't want my patriarchy, they don't want my love, they don't want my information, or my work, or my energy, or what I own [Enzian and "They"] p.522

Presently, with love and subterfuge, he gets the address of Ombindi's medical connection. [Andreas and Pavel] p.525

"Not very organized around here yet. But it's coming along, love, it's coming." [Osbie Feel to Katje on the arising of the counterforce] p.536

It will be possible, after all, to die in obscurity, without having helped a soul: without love, despised, never trusted, never vindicated— [Pirate crying in public] p.544

for nights up in the partisan mountains when he was one with the smell of living trees, in full love with the last undeniable beauty of the night [...] poor faces doomed as dogs who have watched us so amiably from behind the wire fences at the city pounds [Pirate crying] p.544

How I came to love the people: [...] "buggered him and he cried with love [...] the horny Anonymous's intentions are nothing less than a megalomaniac master plan of sexual love with every individual one of the People in the World—and that when everyone, [...] is accounted for at last, that will be a rough definition of "loving" the People. [...] "But the People will never love you, she whispers, or me." [Chronicle for Pirate and Katje] p.547

As he moves on he finds these farms haunted, but amiably. [Slothrop in the Zone] p.552

Up on the rooftops the black and white storks [...] clatter their beaks in greeting and love. [Slothrop in the Zone] p.552

Let me go to Hollywood when this is over so that Rita Hayworth can see me and fall in love with me. [Slothrop wishing on Evening Stars] p.553

William came to love their nobility and personal freedom [Wm Slothrop and his pigs] p.555

Well; if he is the son of man, and if what we feel is not horror but love, then we have to love Judas too. [On Preterition] p.555

Ludwig has always loved her. He may be thinking that love can stop it from happening. [Ludwig and pet lemming Ursula] p.556

They love Hoover over here—" [Chiclitz and Tchitcherine debating politics] p.565

She grunts and smiles amiably, blinking long eyelashes. [Pig Frieda and Slothrop] p.573

how he came to love that clarity: [Laszlo Jamf feelings towards the ionic bond] p.577

whatever Käthe Kollwitz saw that brought her lean Death down to hump Its women from behind, and they to love it so [Pökler touched by "curious potency"] p.578

all his companions in the chute vibrating their concerns and love [(pin-)ball bearings from Katspiel] p.584

You can lose the fight, but That ever-lovin' War goes on and on [line in a song] p.585

lovers of global conspiracy, not all of them Catholic, can count on the Masons for a few good shivers and voids when all else fails. p.587

but still he is in love with his sense of wonder [Lyle Bland astral traveling] p.590

"I want you to know that I love you all." [Lyle Bland before final departure] p.591

a rush of girls [...] to witch St. John Bladdery away under cover of pretty-pastel synthetics and amorous squeals. [after the Runcible Spoon Fight] p.598

"love in bloom." [Albert Krypton on Shirley meeting Tyrone] p.600

Tchitcherine sat down at the board each time more upset than last, trying to be amiable, to jolly the madman into some kind of rational play. [Tchitcherine towards Mravenko] p.611

Maria Antonia Correa followed her lover into that arid land, carrying their newborn child. [Argentine legend] p.612

The man knows his odds, the shapes of risk are intimate to him as loved bodies. [Beláustegui and Graciela Imago Portales] p.613

If there are lines of power among themselves, loves, loyalties, jealousies, no one knows. [Dogs in the Hund-Stadt] p.614

They'll want to see how we do with our lovely black animals— [Americans following Britain's treatment of Blacks] p.616

In the trenches of the First World War, English men came to love one another decently [...], while Europe died meanly in its own waste, men loved. But the life-cry of that love has long since hissed away [Homosexuality in high places] p.616

She's whispered love me too often to him in his sleep, vamped insatiably his waking attention with come-hitherings, incredible promises. [America as Slothrop's ghost-feather] p.623

"It's utterly swooney," sez Roger, "I love it." [Roger on Jessica's haircut] p.627

Her head, as always, is bent forward, away, the bare nape he's never stopped loving, will never see again [Jessica wandering away from Roger] p.629

Even Sweet Leilani in the Little Grass Shack loves a coconut monkey and a missionary snack [...] O-boy, o-boy—go-ing to nail me, one, of those lit-tle is-land love-lies [Puke-a-hook-a-look-i I-i-i-island song] p.635

although aficionados of the chase scene, [...]—may find interest in the following: p.637

And there's shit you won't be eating any more—They've been paying you to love it, But the time has come to shove it, And it isn't a resistance, it's a war. [Counterforce song] p.640

There is a Bilb Baby Heaven, amiably satirized as if it was the movies or something [Byron the Bulb's birth] p.647

They'll come out 'n' love ya till the break of dawn, But they run like hell when the light comes on! [roaches and bulbs] p.648

But on through the burning hours he starts to learn about the transience of others: learns that loving them while they're here becomes easier, and also more intense — to love as if each design-hour will be the last. After love, then, Byron's next lesson is Silence. [Byron the Bulb accepting his immortality] p.649-50

Pan was a lousy lover. [Katje's realization] p.657

With Andreas she is charming, she radiates that sensuality peculiar to women who are concerned with an absent lover's safety. [Katje and Andreas] p.658

Each in a way has been loved by Captain Blicero. [Katje's first meeting with Enzian] p.658

But Enzian risks what former lovers risk whenever the Beloved is present, in fact or in word: [Enzian and Katje discussing Blicero] p.659

"The Blicero I loved was a very young man, in love with empire, poetry, his own arrogance." [Enzian to Katje] p.660

Beaming strangers, la-la-la, off to listen to the end of a man we both loved and we're strangers at the film, condemned to separate rows, aisles, exits [Katje and Enzian on Blicero] p.663

(Thanatz can never meet her eyes [...] reminding him so of Bianca [...] make her moan move her head how she loves it) [Thanatz on DP freight] p.669-70

Thanatz, haven't you loved the whip? [...] Haven't you wanted to murder a child you loved, joyfully kill something so helpless and innocent? [...] the sudden, solid arrival of loss, loss forever, the irreversible end of love, of hope [Thanatz reflecting on Blicero] p.671

Just a fool-who-never-wins, at love, Though-he-plays, most-ev', ry night . . . [...] Just a loser at-the-game, of love . . . Spending night after night a-lo-o-o-one! [loser song] p. 671

"How can I love them?" [Thanatz asking Blicero whether passing mortal faces are really souls or only attractive sculptures, but without answer] p.672

will she see you? a suspension forever at the hinge of doubt, this perpetuate doubting of her love— [Thanatz flashing on Greta Erdmann and Bianca] p. 672

[full of . . . ] golden lovelies sunning in roof-gardens [the Raketen-Stadt] p.674

she does want to love them but love is the only miracle that's beyond her. love is denied her forever. [Myrtle Miraculous and humans] p.675-76

Hogan's in love with Chiquita Banana [who's been putting bananas in the refrigerator?] p.678

who takes her away to a park, a stranger's automobile and a shape of love you can never imagine [dark young man and your maid — fantasy struggles and spectators] p.680

I love Jack like Hogan and Tyrone, just like a son, my own son. I even love him like I don't love my sons [Mom Slothrop's letter to Ambassador Kennedy] p.682-83

it's me Liebchen [Wimpe saving Minne Khlaetsch from OD] p.684

and don't think this wretched old horny dopefiend doesn't love her, because he does [Säure and Trudi] p.685

to suggest persistence, through returns of spring, hopes for love [the Seeming-Hall] p.687

The lover leaps in the volcano! It's ten feet deep, And inactive— [improvised haiku] p.691

But maybe the next best thing is an albatross with no curse attached: an amiable memory. [Now alone, not evening finding a stray dog, Vaslav's memory of Wimpe] p.701

"I don't care. Have his baby. I'll love you both—just come with me Jess, please . . . I need you. . . ." [Roger meeting Jessica — with Beaver — in Cuxhaven] p.709

the failed Counterforce, the glamorous ex-rebels, half-suspected but still enjoying official immunity and sly love, camera-worthy wherever they carry on . . . doomed pet freaks. [Roger and Bodine at the Kruppfest] p.713

while his life's first authentic love is squirming only to get home to take another wad of Jeremy's sperm [Roger's dilemma between Their pet, or death] p.713

Now there are a good few hundred of these young women in the Zone who're smitten with love for Tchitcherine, [...]—and none are witches. [Tchitcherine's women] p.717-18

"But you're in love. Technique is just a substitute for when you get older." "Why not stay in love always?" [old (witch)-woman and Geli] p.718

I'm not the only one who loves him . . . though their love of course is friendly, admiring, unsexual . . . Geli's the only one in the Zone who loves him completely. [Geli & Vaslav] p.719

His mother was emotional, a great flow of love, frustration and secret terror passed into him from her, but they never really talked. [Gottfried, while Blicero's talking to him] p.721

there have to be these too, lovers whose genitals are consecrated to shit, to endings [Gottfried at the gates of the Other Kingdom] p.722

while Death and Europe are separate as ever, their love still unconsummated. Death only rules here. It has never, in love, become one with. . . . [American and European death] p.722-23

in certain knowledge that no one would be watching, that loved ones had been lost forever. . . [Moon colonists] p.723

when I see you in morning and evening ranks, so open, so ready to take my sickness in and shelter it, shelter it inside your own ignorant love. . . . "Your love." [Blicero & Gottfried] p.723

"I want to break out — to leave this cycle of infection and death. I want to be taken in love: so taken that you and I, and death, and life, will be gathered, inseparable, into the radiance of what we would become. . . . " [Blicero to Gottfried] p.724 >>Rilke transcription?!<<

all hatred, all love, wiped away for the short distance you had to push it over the winter berm [..] here together you twelve struggled, in love [guard of honor wheeling an old Rocket] p.725

But remember if you loved it. If you did, how you loved it. [...] . . . and here in your common drive to the sea feel as much as you wish of that dark double-minded love which is also shame, bravado, engineers' geopolitics—"spheres of influence" [Rocket state-cosmology] p.726

"What have They ever given us in return for the trust, the love—They actually say 'love' —we're supposed to owe Them? [...]. We can't believe Them anymore. Not if we are still sane and love the truth." [Enzian to Christian] p.728

Who will believe that in his heart he wants to belong to them out there, [...] the preterite he loves, knowing he's always to be a stranger. . . . [Enzian] p.731

"A freedom," whispering smiling, a love song [Enzian & Josef Ombindi on suicide] p.732

Nearby, in German, I loved you Lisele with all my heart— [Graffiti on bridge] p.733

May he be blind to all but me. May the burning sun of love shine in his eyes forever. [Geli's spell on Vaslav] p.734

Toward nightfall, the lovers lying naked on a cold grass bank [Geli & Tchitcherine] p.734

Jamf was only a fiction, [...] to help him deny what he could not possibly admit: that he might be in love, in sexual love, with his, and his race's death. [Mickey Wuxtry-Wuxtry on Slothrop] p.738

watching us at our many perversities, [...] licking the blood from a lover's vein-hit, all of it [high-stationed angel] p.746 >>Rilke transcription?!<<

death-loving [Knight of Swords, Weissmann's Tarot Significator] p.747

So generation after generation of men in love with pain serve out their time in the Zone, silently, redolent of faded sperm, terrified of dying, desperately addicted to the comforts others sell them, however useless, ugly or shallow, willing to have life defined for them by men whose only talent is for death. [Fathers / Weissmann's Tarot — Knight of Swords] p.747

And Weissmann may at last, in this limited pasteboard way, have become what he first loved. [Page of Pentacles = young girl / or due to dark complexion, Enzian as a young man] p.749

The Qlippoth, shells of the dead, will use all your love for friends who have passed across against you. [antechambers of the Throne] p.750

She should not be a mystery to you, Gottfried. Find the zone of love, lick and kiss [...] The men are at attention. Get ready, Liebchen. [Gottfried inside the Rocket] p.751

apple-cheeked lovable white-haired eccentric gabbing [Pointsman] p.752

(Not one trickle of shit, Liebchen?) [Weissman to Gottfried] p.757

He thinks of their love in illustrations for children, in last thin pages fluttering closed, a line gently, passively unfinished, a pastel hesitancy: [Gottfried before death] p.759

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