Major Duane Marvy

From James S. Martin's All Honorable Men [1]:

"Major Tilley and the Standard Oil investigation which he was making for Phil Amram dropped from sight for a few days while the Major's party searched in the field for records. [...] Colonel Kelam handed me a note from Major Tilley, dated from Frankfurt the week before: 'Dr. Bütefisch, chief of I.G. Farben synthetic oil production, Leuna, has admitted that Dr. Hahn, his deputy, has hidden papers, including secret documents and letters from and to Ringer, at the following address: Bad Sachsa, Haus der Dynamit A.G.' "Bad Sachsa showed on the map as a point in the midst of the Harz Mountains, a few miles from the Devil's Pulpit on the Brocken, a traditional site of the Witches' Sabbath. The Hitler Youth had revived the legend and held Walpurgisnacht celebrations annually on May first."

Also, Walter Dornberger, in his V-2 [2] says that Wernher von Braun and his staff holed up in Bad Sachsa before giving themselves up to the Allies. (p.266)


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