Marco "Marchino" Pampaluna, of Milan, Italy, was kind enough to provide the following:

"Minghe" stands for "minchia" (a very common expression, like the American "shit" -- and quite vulgar). "Minghe" is how "minchia" is spelled (pronounced) by southern Italians. "Minchia" means "dick", so "minghe morte" means "your dick is dead" (i.e, "impotent"), and "capo di minghe" means "dickhead", "dick-headed" &c. "Minghe" by itself would be like saying "shit" or any sort of profane exclamation."

From Thomas Pynchon's short story Entropy [1]

"Minghe morte," said Duke. "I figured we were playing it a little slow," Krinkles said.

Also, Mingeborough is where the kids in Pynchon's short story The Secret Integration [2] live.

"'Capo di minghe!' The Gaucho sat back, shaking his head." (V. [3] , p.164)


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