"Red Bitch of the High Seas. . .a lovely game." 36

"erotic cruelty by the dollar" 65

"likes to be quirt-whipped inside the sweat-and-leather tackrooms" 69

"a leather-keen stripe or two across those dusky Afro-Scandinavian buttocks" 69

"there is something sadistic about recipes with 'Surprise' in the title" 80

"a star, that anal-sadistic emblem of classroom success" 85

Pointsman and the dogs ("the pretty victim straining against her bonds"), 88

Blicero, Katje and Gottfried, 94-99

"traditional masochist uniform" 97

"he grabbed her wrist" 120

"six years of slander [...] make confiding anything to anyone around here an act of pure masochism" 127

"how he'd like someday to give them something really to scream about...." 141

"as if it were a masochist's kiss" 149

"They aren't even sadists" 216

Slothrop and Katje, 221-22

Pudding and Domina Nocturna, 232-36

"something real, something pure" 234

"how else is there to react, even in play?" 251

"Her eyes hide in iron shadows, the orbits darkened as if by very precise blows" 339

"the women pillioned and wailing with delight up into Caucasian foothills" 343

Schlepzig & Erdmann ("He played the Grand Inquisitor who tortured me"), 395

between Slothrop and Erdmann, 396-97

Pökler and Leni, 397

"All together now, all you masochists out there" 415

Pökler and Ilse, 420

"Weissmann was the sadist, he had responsibility for coming up with new game-variations, building toward a maximum cruelty" 424

"The metal clips of the suspenders raise dark little curved welts over fading earlier bruises on her buttocks" 445

"she begs to be tied with her stockings, star-fashion, to the bedposts" 446

Erdmann ravaged by jackal men in Alpdrucken, 461

Erdmann and Bianca, 466-67

Erdmann and Thanatz ("Every time the lash struck. . .there would come to her a single vision"), 484

Erdmann at the Castle, 487-88

"each time Thanatz brought the whip down on her skin, she was taken, off on another penetration toward the Center" 509

"her languid hints/Of tortures transubstantiate to sky,/To purity of light--of bonds that sing,/And whips that trail their spectra as they fall" 532-33

"ritual submissions to the Master of this night space and of himself [...] of surrender [...] to the Void, to delicious and screaming collapse" 578

"he can hold her head under the water till she drowns, he can bend her hand back, yeah, break her fingers" 606

"the chastisement room at Sir Marcus's estate" 616

"likes to have light bulbs screwed into his asshole" 652

"helplessness at the end of a crack-of-the-whip" 652

"Her reassurance for her" 662

"really mean ass imaginary Nazi playmates" 666

"pull long hair throatback. . .how she loves it" 670

Katje's "fresh whip-marks" 670

"Thanatz, haven't you loved the whip?" 671

"sexual abuse and torture" 690

"torturable young maid" 714

"another excuse for a whipping" 721

"custom manacles and chains to stand for the bondage he feels in his heart" 722

"the beatings Mutti gave me" 736

"a pretty French maid begging to be whipped" 736

"a little S and M never hurt anybody" 737

"Why will the Structure allow every other kind of sexual behavior but that one? Because submission and dominance are resources it needs for its very survival. They cannot be wasted in private sex. [...] It needs our submission so that it may remain in power. [...] if S and M could be established universally, at the family level, the State would wither away. This is Sado-anarchism" 737

"gagging on whip-handles" 746

"the same masochist fantasies they cherished in secret" 747

Gottfried ("His bare limbs in their metal bondage"), 751

"the victim, in bondage, falling" 758

Gravity's Rainbow Alpha Guide
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