Self-reference in Gravity's Rainbow

Rorschach Test, 81

"We are never told why" 107

"Parallel, not series. . .mapping on to different coordinate systems" 159

"Nobody ever said a day has to be juggled into any kind of sense at day's end" 204

Pynchon (AKA Slothrop with a mustache?), 207

GR Kultists (understood as King Kong Kultists?), 275

"edit, switch names, insert" 302

swirling fog of details, 326

Mickey Rooney will repress his ever having seen Slothrop, 382

GET IT?, 413

little girls, 463

"But mistakes are part of it too--everything fits. One sees how it fits, ja? learns patterns, adjusts to rhythms, one day you are no longer an actor, but free now, over on the other side of the camera." 494

Text picked to pieces, 520

"the real Text persisted" 520

"artful ambiguities" 535

"yesyes" taunting, 582

"dreams, psychic flashes, omens, cryptographies, drug-epistemologies, all dancing on a ground of terror, contradiction, absurdity" 582

"check out Ishmael Reed" 588

Kute Korrespondences, 590

Mexico imagines meeting Jessica again in another novel (Presumably signified by the song lyrics: "I dream that I have found us both again ... with someone else's paper words to say". Cf. Roland Barthes for fiction understood as "paper worlds"), 627

"There is no need to bring in blood or violence here" 655

foreshadowing of Pynchon's Slow Learner introduction regarding "himself" ("A former self is a fool, an insufferable ass"), 660

"You will want cause and effect" 663

testing the reader, 676

"this diffuse, though rewarding, work" 680

taunting the reader, 695

"nothing so loathsome as a sentimental surrealist" 696

"its text is theirs to permute and combine into new revelations, always unfolding" 727

"heh, heh, in his chroniclers too" 738

Spokesman for Counterforce, 738

"There ought to be a punchline" 738

"Do you want to put this part in?" 739

"I wanna go back north, to Humboldt County" 740

"your correspondent" 755

"(haven't we?)" 760

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