Serpents/Snakes References

"fantasies about that rattlesnake" 69

"the coiled whispers of decay" 94

"cables snake away" 101

"held in the jaws of the serpentine" 108

"Hemp gripped in the teeth of the steel snake" 109

"the winding river, the imperial serpent" 111

"serpent coiled in the teacup" 139

"sheet-metal ducting that snakes like a spine" 302

"the serpent tuck of a head toward the exact moment and spot on the ground that you'll cease to live" 342

"tense as vipers" 385

"dainty black snakes a hundred feet below" 398

"the cosmic serpent" 411

Kekulés Serpent, 413

"The smooth-faced Custodian of the Night hovers behind neutral eyes and smile, coiled and pale over the city, humming its hoarse lullabies" 434-35; "diamond shadows writhing like snakes" 452

"Plastic serpents crawled endlessly to left and right." 487

"Gable [...] the proud, shining, snakelike head" 516; serpentine, 520

"another shot rattlesnaking off of a bulkhead" 529

"snake-sure" 531

"her openness was a viper writhing in my heart" 547

"a chance for violence? A snake jumping off a limb" 656

"the serpent face" 671

"the buzzing serpent" 689

"yellow sparks will spill away with a rattlesnake buzz" 692

"steel penis with slotted serpent head" 694

Serpent/Pan, 720-21

"beautiful Serpent, its coils in rainbow lashings" 721

"perishable as the skin of a snake" 722

"serpent coils that lash above the surface of the Earth in rainbow light" 726

See also Snake

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