"gray crushed stone on the walks looking soft to sleep on as the brim of a fedora" 13

"over the cobblestones slow as a snail" 14

"a gray stone town house" 17

"Flagstones are slippery with mist" 17

"all lisle legs on the curbstones" 22

"the old schist of a tombstone" 26

"assimilation with the earth, the stones showing roundfaced angels with the long noses of dogs" 26

" that stone hand pointing out of the secular clouds" 27

"at the ends of afternoons, stone, eyes on the distances" 54

"the harp's descent toward stone-white cervix and into lower night" 63

"they sit about the worn flagstone" 66

"Now every loose stone [...] is moving up and down" 67

"stone of the church wall" 69

"'the stone determinacy of everything, of every soul'" 86

"he knows that they only wait, stone and sure" 88

"stones the water has left behind shining black wait like writing in a dream" 106

"converging by millions to hazy stone pedestals" 112

"white wedgies clattering on cobblestones" 114

"doomed to the same stone hallways" 144

" a magnificent stone theatre" 148

"her history and its pain [...] always fresh from the stone" 150

"emanations, impressions...the cry inside the stone" 150

"tripped and fell on the hardest cobblestones in the world" 157

"some of the stones in the walls were white as paste" 157

" a new airborne ray which could turn whole populations [...] stone blind" 163

"slime stone battlements" 169

"marching in stone parallax away into a white gloom" 170

" pretty stones and shells she and her sisters have brought back from the sea" 174

"just in time to see somebody hop over a stone balustrade" 199

"firm among the stoneswept hair of the last white guardians" 218

"a last bit of sunlight lies on the stones of the road" 218

"her eyes [...] translucent stones, trembling in their sockets" 225

"Waves crash and drag at the stones of the beach" 225

"the rough stone walls of the Palladian house" 236

"the stone-blue lights of the Vacuum" 239

"spewing grass and pieces of flagstone" 247

"stone walls now developing like baking bread in the failing sun" 261

"this cartoon here is supposed to be some kind of a touchstone" 263

"a cobblestone street" 266

"stone reminders are everywhere" 267

"the foreign gravestones" 268

"over the cobblestones" 291

"Mud across the cobblestones is so slick it reflects light" 295

"the gloomy stone loading docks" 300

"Wheatstone bridge" 301

"inside the solid fatality of stone" 302

"'Gravity's gray eminence among the councils of the living stone.'" 302

"Hannover [...] is only a stepping-stone for him" 327

"the long salt and stone ramps" 328

"earth-colored wall of a fine-grained stone" 341

"colonial eyes, gazing down from balconies of rotting stone" 344

"pulverized heads of stone margraves and electors" 365

"hands turning to stone" 367

"parallel ridges of asphalt and stonedust" 367

"Permanganate is the touchstone." 376

"handouts clog the stones and gutters" 380

"the network of grooves between the paving stones" 399

"not up on high stone and vulnerability" 399

"[Pökler] felt himself turning to stone" 423

"a wall of dynamited stone painted white" 426

"[Slothrop]"finely wrinkled like leather stretched over stone" 437

"an iron ladder held in the old stone by rusted bolts" 458

"the broken stone and brick" 458

"Fountains in massive stone bowls" 458

"why has Margherita turned to stone?" 458

"a desperate tattoo of high heels across the stone" 458

"Odd chunks of stone clutter the way." 459

"her brown hoods no longer glide above the stone" 471

"beveled stonery" 472

"stone steps, covered with vines, fungus, centuries of decay" 488

"stone-dust" 493

"[Geli] kicking stones watching the water" 494

"[Russian soldiers] stand throwing smooth stones" 494

"guts resonate, hard as stone" 501

"the pale limestone latchkey with which Providence today is probing the wards of Slothrop's heart" 528

"bowed gray horses kissing the grassless stones" 532

"liquorice to divinity, being slapped out on the flat stone tables" 537

"across the stone, deathless piano performances" 550

"stone facing" 552

"stone walls deserted now" 554

"the stone Treppengiebel shapes" 567

"low stone walls" 573

"stonefaced kraut Fibel" 587

"Doctor Livingstone (living stone? oh, yes)" 587

"the closets stoneempty" 607

"the slippery stone" 609

"What does it grind, Frans, who tends the stone?" 620

"Chiseled in the sandstone he finds waiting the mark of consecration, a cross in a circle" 624-25

brimstones, 627

"clever little rhinestones" 633

"carved like the stone doorways of certain temples" 636

"a stone house in a wooded park" 643

"sandstone and adobe colors sweep away in a progress of walls" 646

"the ice and stone corridors of the Phoebus headquarters" 651

"[Phoebus'] stonefaced search parties" 651

"an erratic space, stone and deep" 658

"A clock chimes in the stone corner." 663

"under the sandstone arcade" 667

"the city dripping stone like Spanish moss petrified in mid-collapse" 679

"food scattered on the stone slopes" 679

"shallow depressions in the stone" 670

"toilet's the color of gravestones" 688

"buzzing serpent/That jumped you in your own stone living space" 689

"one face by a long sandstone wall " 693

"plastered over two slippery cobblestones, is a scrap of newspaper headline" 693

"Slothrop sits on a curbstone watching [the Hiroshima bomb]" 693

"a stone barbecue pit" 714

"shrieking-outward, into stone resonance" 720

"the rests of the folksong Death (empty stone rooms)" 720

"Aether, the silver, pendulumed, stone-anchored, knurled-brass, filigreed elegantly functional shapes of your grandfathers" 727

"stone night and winter day" 739

"the arrogant style of the early Stones" 742

"And a Soul in ev'ry stone" 760

Gravity's Rainbow Alpha Guide
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