Weaving the Web

"No, this is not a disentanglement from, but a progressive knotting into" 3; (compare with Stig's journey "not outward, into the simple Mysteries of an open Sea, but inward,— branching, narrowing, compressing towards an Enigma as opaque and perilous as any in my Travels." (Mason & Dixon p.612).

"the soil's stringing of rings and chains in nets only God can tell the meshes of" 5-6

"he threads himself into a wool robe" 6

"taking over not so much through any brute pungency or volume as by the high intricacy to the weaving of its molecules" 10

"a soggy banana sandwich [...] which he's [...] threaded around the odd necessities" 17

"none of these yarns, for the purposes of those Bloat reports to, are really very illuminating" 19

"While the great Loom of God works in darkness above,/And our trials here below are but threads of His Love" 27

"Jessica with bright millions of droplets still clinging in soft net to her shoulders" 37

"the spider hitching together his web of numbers" 40

"hastily threaded unions sending out stars of cold spray" 41

"a weak leg that Roger has repaired [...] with brown twine " 41

Pointsman's net, 43-46

"a brass bedpost winks; and twined there someone's brassiere [...] of lace and satin" 43

"She knows she must not cry: that the vague eyes in the knitted window won't seek their Beast any more earnestly for her tears" 43

"toilet bowl on his foot and knitted helmet askew" 43

"Roger glances again across Jessica's dark wool bosom at the knitted head, the naked nose and eyes" 46

" a cruel network of sensuous moments" 46

"Windscreen wipers brush the rain in a rhythmic bright warp" 47

"their slender legs are never still, knitted stockings droop" 50

"Empty canals of snow thread away into trees" 53

"Blue light goes rattling, reknotting through the seedflow inside the glass" 55

"'the ancient Roman priests laid a sieve in the road, and then waited to see which stalks of grass would come up through the holes.' [...] 'How will you use the things that grow in your network of death?'" 56

"Distant hands clutch after his calves and ankles, snap his garters and tug at the argyle sox Mom knitted for him to go to Harvard in" 64

"the differential equations that would not weave for him into any elegance" 65

"the network of wood inside the stable" 68

"desperate paper whispering down the corporate lattice" 75

"a dark figure in white webbing" 83

"threadbare velvet or brocade" 83

"Mexico wearing a scarf Jessica's lately knitted him" 86

" thirteen years along the clew" 88

"black latticework" 91

"a pillbox covered with netting and sod" 91

"This city, in all its bomb-pierced miles: this inexhaustibly knotted victim...skin of glistening roofslates, sooted brick flooded high about each window dark or lit, each of a million openings vulnerable to the gloom of this winter day." 93

"the yellow teeth of Captain Blicero, the network of stained cracks" 94

"the hair on his legs only visible in sunlight and then as a fine, imponderable net of gold" 102

"'it's a lapse of character then, a crotchet. Like carrying the bloody Mendoza. [...] Am I going to let the extra weight make a difference? It's my crotchet.'" 107

"a first crack reaching to net the chalk surface" 109

"the crazy Dutchman, and the hookgun that linked them forever" 109

"'He knew that a snaphaan would weigh less [...] he didn't mind the extra weight, it was his crotchet....'" 111

"the more distant shapes among the threads or sheets of smoke now perfect ash ruins of themselves" 112

"the establishment and disestablishment of an astonishing network of market operations winking on, winking off" 112

"The reel is threaded" 113

"gone all to white and black lattice of mourningcards" 120

"silk filling-yarns shivering by crowded thousands" 149

"ladies moved in a sibilant weave" 152

"a twisting of yarns or cordage, a giant web" 152

"pelvic bones stretching cobwebs smoothly down groins" 156

"Franz weaving under their electric bulb at three or four in the morning, a loose grin on his face" 162

"messages weave into a net of information that no one can escape" 165

"steam in tight brocade starting to issue" 171

"A switching-locomotive creeps silently across the web of tracks below" 171

"glistening red among a golden lattice of straw" 173

"It faces her now. She can see the crocheted shawl over the back, many knots of gray, tan, black, and brown, with amazing clarity. In the pattern, or in front of it, something is stirring" 175

"Quisling molecules have shifted in latticelike ways" 176

"wings [...] gather lift for this weaving, unweaving, white and slow faro shuffle off invisible thumbs" 181

"a shirt button straining at a single last thread" 186

"toilet stalls are equipped with a network of brass voice-tubes" 192

"a pile of their batistes and brocade" 206

"Wave images will flicker there in a luminous net." 206

"turning back to her wheel and spinning it again, face averted, womanly twisting the night-streaked yarn of her past" 209

"debris [...] which old Sammy here has been plucking, unpeeling, twisting into mysterious curves and knots" 217

"sitting among obsolescent networks of steel rod and cable" 237

" Shell International Network Teletype Rig" 243

"It's a giddy, shiftless crowd [...] linked by some network of family, venery and a history of other such parties whose complexity his head's never quite been able to fit around." 244

"The War has been reconfiguring time and space into its own image. The track runs in different networks now." 257

"the networks of steel track the Argentine heart" 264

"Allen Dulles and his 'intelligence' network" 268

"Perdoo's melon, in whose intaglio net now [...] a face is indeed emerging" 270

"History is not woven by innocent hands." 277

"roll of fat hanging over a web belt where he keeps his sunglasses" 287

"Temporary alliances, knit and undone." 291

"insert fantasies into the yarns he spun for Tantivy" 302

"Personnel are weaving back up the main tunnel" 305

"a network of edges to the broken rock" 312

"untied the birth-knot [...] the Empty Ones each carry one knotless strip of leather" 316

"It comes down to this day-to-day knitting and unraveling, minor successes, minor defeats." 326

"She twines a leg around one of his." 330 31

"His own faithful network of fräuleins around the Zone is a compromise" 338

"a network of clear interweaving ripples now like rain all through his vision" 367

"spoken Russian at the speed of light weaving a net to catch Slothrop" 377

"a radio network" 381

"the fine netting of spider webs struck to graphwork by the thin beams of sun" 393

"a metal staircase through shredded webs" 393

"His heart shrugs in its scarlet net, elastic, full of expectation." 398

"the network of grooves between the paving stones" 399

"a robe of gold and orange brocade" 400

"Integral signs weaved like charmed cobras" 402

"'It is gone where the woodbine twineth.'" 438

"Slothrop to see what Geli Tripping's clew will lead him to in the way of a Schwarzgerät" 457

"one of the knots securing the rain-heavy awning to its frame has given way" 480

"[Erdmann's scars] Long and white, like cobwebs." 484

"giant turds showed up, fresh, laid in twists like strands of rope--dark and knotted" 485

"Prussian occipital knot behind" 486

"a rampart of wasted, knotted, fused, and scorched girderwork" 520

"inside where cobwebs whiten the German windows" 488

"a fishing smack [...] stripped for some reason of nets and booms" 492

"ash images of camouflage nets burned onto the concrete" 501

"flaring nets" 501

"Charred helpless latticework" 501

"distribution networks we were never taught" 521

"rocking serene as a web of stars" 520

"the emptied lattices of cages in the laboratory" 533

"[Katje] part of the ash-colored web" 533

"Pirate Prentice [...] holding one end of a candy clew whose other end could be anywhere at all" 537

"Tattersall dresses, thick-knitted shawls with babies inside" 550

"a spider has begun filling in the web of the Meillerwagen boom with her own" 560

"Slothrop sits on a pile of nets and tries [...] to will himself alert." 569

"the iron lattice that droops its long twisted shadow" 575

"Attila, head shaved except for a topknot" 578

"Last we saw of Fibel he was hooking, stretching, and running shock cord for that Horst Achtfaden" 586

"a weaving, cheering crowd" 597

"weaving from the knees up like a great assured pudding" 598

"this network of all plots" 603

"their pain is knotted in now with the Stranger, the hated" 614

"The brown rafters drip cobwebs." 647

"green spider-webs" 651

"The pleats in Jamf's suit go weaving away like iris leaves in a backyard wind." 655

"Plexiglass maps of the webs we maintain across the Zone." 660

"yarns to be spun" 670

"Christian comes past [...] adjusting a web belt" 673

"nest full of snits, blues, crotchets and grudges" 676

"the webby arches of viaducts" 679

"in control of the network of longest wavelength in the Zone" 681

"among net-stockinged legs" 688

"green radii sweeping silent round and round trailing clear webs of green shampoo" 691

"down under the net, down down to the uprising" 720

"to flow like a net" 727

"the yellow-gray camouflage netting they can both [...] see through" 728

"when he sees white network being cast all directions on his field of vision" 741

"Netzach is fiery and emotional" 748

"last images of creamy buttocks knotted together in fear" 757

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